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7 Creative Business Strategies for Solo Artists in 2018

Lauren Salapatek | January 9, 2018 | 9:19 AM
Tammy Feltner, regional education director, TIGI Americas
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Ricardo Santiago, global artist, Joico
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Jessica Lopez, Kadus Professional design team artist 
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Robert Cromeans, global artistic & business director, John Paul Mitchell Systems
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Doug Cherwien, Framesi design group member
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Stephanie Polansky, global director of education and shows, Sexy Hair
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“Never underestimate the value of simplicity—send your clients a professional thank-you card for their loyalty. With multiple online printing services and delivery options, sending a professionally designed, well-composed card works great. To increase business, be sure to include an offer—perhaps a 20-30% off color service for referring a friend. Giving them the discount after the holiday spending is always a good thing! - LISA MARIE GARCIA, president of innovation, Farouk Systems

“The best way to build your business is through referrals. Just ask! Reward the client who does the referring and the new client. Referrals from existing clients come with added value. There is an automatic built-in trust factor with referrals. This may not be the ‘newest and creative way’ to build your business, but it does work and it is free.” - TAMMY FELTNER, regional education director, TIGI Americas

“A new year means new trends, techniques, and another notch of experience in the ‘Stylist Belt’—which should yield new pricing! I encourage solo artists to seek strategic educational opportunities to strengthen and validate their expertise, which in turn supports price revisions. Seek to gain education in an area that you can create new revenue opportunities, which will yield a return on your investment. Earning a certificate of completion initiates an understanding of your knowledge and passion to stay relevant. Set aside time to practice and experiment. Following trends is one way to keep your chair full—but setting trends is on a completely different level! - RICARDO SANTIAGO, global artist, Joico 

“Get and link to an online booking system. Clients will book more frequently because they love the ability of being able to book whenever they want. It will keep all your clientele info updated so you can quickly email any promotions or new services you are offering. It also becomes a great digital business card. You can text the link to clients and potential clients and they always have all the info they need to plan their next visit.” - JESSICA LOPEZ, Kadus Professional design team artist 

“Offering new service experiences is a great strategy for increasing business in 2018! Try any or all of these:

• Top coat or hair manicure, adding a clear shine (try a Paul Mitchell the Demi overlay)
• Clarifying shampoo treatments
• Blow-dry bundles: Offer six blowouts for the price of five. This is a great method to increase frequency of visit, increase guest loyalty and increase cash flow.
• 2:1 marketing: Ask your existing guest to bringing in a new guest, two for the price of one! Excellent strategy for getting new guests to experience you!” - ROBERT CROMEANS, global artistic & business director, John Paul Mitchell Systems

“Offer a remedy for winter hair woes. Have clients identify their three biggest issues, and then offer three remedies for the price of two. Here are some examples: Static hair due to cold weather (use Framesi Color Lover Stop Frizz or Framesi Color Lover Primer 11); dry hair (use Framesi Color Lover Moisture Rich Conditioner or Masque); seasonally dry, itchy scalp (Morphosis Purifying Shampoo and Morphosis Destress Serum). By offering a promotion, we make our guests aware of the available solutions. - DOUG CHERWIEN, Framesi design group member

“Grow your Instagram page! Have clients post their new look on their page while tagging you. This is a great way to get free advertising and new potential clients. Have random gifts for clients who post and tag your salon. Also, start or focus on a refer-a-friend program. The best clients are the ones who make a conscious decision to come see you based on a recommendation. You can triple your business with the help of the clients you already have.” - STEPHANIE POLANSKY, global director of education and shows, Sexy Hair

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