Meet Dayna Gamba, Babyliss 4 Barbers Educator

Elizabeth Yong Colabello | April 3, 2018 | 1:34 PM
Dayna Gamba, barber at Rectify Barbershop and Beauty Alcove in Mansfield, MA.

Meet Dayna Gamba, barber at Rectify Barbershop and Beauty Alcove in Mansfield, MA. As a BaByliss 4 Barbers educator, Gamba combines her cosmetology background with her barbering expertise to teach the finer points of cutting and styling short hair styles. She shared with MODERN:

MODERN SALON: What do you love about being in the hair industry?
DAYNA GAMBA: I love that it’s constantly evolving and allows room for growth. It sets new trends, the standards are high and everything is exciting, especially now. You’re seeing a lot of barbers and stylists coming together to really create some amazing work. It’s super cool.

MS: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
DG: You would never know it by looking at me, but I’m a farm girl! In August 2017 we started a non-profit farm sanctuary. So far we’ve rescued four horses, two donkeys, lambs, goats and chickens; all from kill auctions. I’m currently learning how to groom them all properly, it’s not easy! 

MS: How did you become an educator?
DG: Determination and surrounding yourself with people who have the same mindset as you puts you in contact with the big name companies. I found that the moment I decided that I wanted to educate, is the moment that changed my perspective. I started sharing my knowledge right away. I shared it with my colleagues, my clients, I shared it on social media. Any chance I could, I was doing one-on-one hands on classes. All those tidbits count. Then one day, I received a phone call, “Would you like to attend a BabylissPRO training to become an educator?” Dreams come true, only when you wake up and chase them.

MS: What was your biggest career challenge and how did you overcome it?
DG: The whole process of becoming a barber was by far the toughest challenge in my career. I was already established as a stylist but I really wanted more. Something was missing. I was intrigued with the clean barber looks I was seeing on Instagram, so I decided to go to school part time and work part time to get my apprentice license. I got my license and started working full time in a really awesome shop, which essentially changed my life, but I went from charging $75 for a men’s cut in a salon to $23 in the barbershop. I felt frustrated on how undervalued barbers are. I turned that frustration into determination and within 3 years those same clients that were paying $23 for a haircut are now paying $85. It feels good to know that hard work, continuing education and attending expos all really does pay off.

MS: What’s your go-to outfit?
DG: Black jeans, soft T-shirt with a slouchy blazer and a hat.

MS: What are you most proud of?
DG: I’m super proud to be a barber, honestly. When people ask what I do for an occupation, it feels really good to tell them.

MS: Three words that describe you:
DG: Determined, polite, silly

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