HOW-TO: Pompadour Redux from Rodrick Samuels

Elizabeth Yong Colabello | April 12, 2018 | 9:58 AM
Curly finish: Apply a curl enhancer and diffuse dry hair. Break up the curls to elongate the curls for volume and fullness.
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Smooth finish: Apply a volumizing gel and blow dry the hair 85% with fingers. Use a round brush to create volume and fullness throughout the top, directing the hair back.
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"What's old is new," says Rodrick Samuels, North American Hairstylist (NAHA) 2017 Men’s Hair Stylist of the Year finalist. Samuels co-owns Hair Lab Detroit the Academy and Salon with his wife NAHA Texture winner Lauren Moser Samuels. His spin on the classic pompadour, is in his finishing. "Put down the pomade," he jokes, "men are using different products to get different looks."

Here's how he created the cut:

Step 1: Comb through the hair looking for whirls or cowlicks and abrasions or scalp conditions.

Step 2: Using an detachable blade clipper, use the (000) blade to make the first panel near the temple area.

Step 3: Keep the blade placed flat on the skin and use a “C” cutting motion to remove the hair.

Step 4: Repeat the steps on the nape of the neck and other side.

Step 5: Begin cutting the hair against the grain (natural hair growth pattern) with the adjustable blade clippers. When the first panel line is reached, continue to use a “C” cutting motion in the second panel to build elevation. Using an adjustable blade clipper replace the 000 blade with an 0A blade to create elevation. Be mindful not to cut too high into the panel as the hair will need to be blended.

Step 6: Using clipper over comb, blend the hair at the parietal ridge to soften the transition into the top section of the head.

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