A Glimmer of Shimmer

Rosanne Ullman | May 2, 2018 | 12:53 PM
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Nature enchants us with the smallest touches!

“The shimmer of blue in a butterfly’s wing, a rainbow glistening in the sun—as with swirling soap bubbles, the etherealness of shifting colors is undeniably gorgeous,” says Tori Matt, public relations director for Seche. “Capturing this popular beauty trend in a bottle, Seche introduces its limited edition Special Effects Collection.”
The three new toppers provide a finish in the client’s choice:

  • Pink Glitter, a finely milled, glittery pink opalescent tint.
  • Pink Opal, a soft pink opalescence.
  • Blue Opal, a subtle blue.

“Seche’s Special Effects topcoats can be applied to any color that makes your client feel great,” says Jennifer Wilder, CosmoProf vice president marketing. Each also can be worn alone for a delicate wash of color with the first coat or an intensified impact with a second coat.

  1. Also specially designed for the May/June Modern Fairytale campaign from CosmoProf and MODERN SALON, CosmoProf’s array of nail colors, along with some sprightly nail decals and glittery point-of-purchase nail files, will have your nail clients flying high!
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