Sport Clips Stylist Takes First Place on "The Look All Stars"

July 23, 2018 | 8:38 AM
Look who won “The Look!” Sport Clips Artistic Team Member Krystle Sierras

Krystle Sierras always dreamed of being on TV, and she thought it was just that—a dream. But her dream became reality this year, when the Sport Clips Artistic Team member was chosen to compete on The Look All Stars—a one-hour reality TV competition series that aired on the CW and live-streamed on And that reality became even more incredible when Krystle was named the winner of her episode.

Krystle Sierras shares details of her Sport Clips journey.

“It was so surreal,” says Krystle, who joined Sport Clips when she graduated beauty school in 2011, then became a store manager and was chosen for the Sport Clips Artistic Team. “And I couldn’t tell anyone I won for a long time because we taped the show in advance, so I had to hold it in!”


Krystle first heard about the show when the producers approached Sport Clips and asked them to recommend candidates to audition. The company put forward their eight Artistic Team members, all of whom sent in portfolios of their work and social media handles and sat for interviews. After a nail-biting waiting period, Krystle’s boss, Sport Clips Senior Director of Career Opportunities Julie Vargas, gave her the news that she had been chosen for the show. Then the whirlwind began.



Krystle flew to Los Angeles to tape the show—which consisted of a very long, 13+ hour day. Contestants worked in teams—a hairstylist, makeup artist and wardrobe stylist—and were given head to toe makeover challenges and defined periods of time to complete the challenge. Krystle’s first challenge, against a team headed by well-known stylist Gregory Patterson, was to take a couple from daytime looks to date night looks, and she won! Her second challenge was to create a look that could be characterized as “fitness couture.” She remembers, “My first reaction to the assignment was, ‘Oh my gosh I’m so excited!’ Then I said, ‘But I don’t really know what that means!’ They got that on tape—it was pretty funny.”

Even though Krystle won the competition, the best part of the experience for her was the people she met. “Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Kim Vō, Sam Villa, Angus Mitchell, Modern Salon editor Alison Alhamed—my mouth dropped!” she says. “And everyone was so nice, on and off camera. There was no drama or cattiness. We all supported each other. It was so amazing having someone like Sam Villa or Angus Mitchell—people I look up to—encouraging me and noticing the little details of my work.”



Although Krystle’s talent got her to the top, she applauds her Sport Clips family with being there for her every step of the way. “Before the show, they got models for me, so I could practice and improve my speed,” she says. “They were always on hand for whatever I needed. And then a team flew out to L.A. with me to support me during the taping.”

After seven years with Sport Clips, Krystle credits the company with providing limitless opportunities—from working behind the chair to managing a salon to joining the Artistic Team and beyond. “Everything I learned was literally through Sport Clips,” she says. “And now this—winning my episode of ‘The Look’—has been the best feeling ever so far!”

Time will tell whether Krystle and her team will be invited back to compete in another episode!

Find out how you can craft your career at Sport Clips.

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