This Salon Company Is Your Path to Prosperity

November 13, 2018 | 4:40 AM
Hair Cuttery says the transition from student to salon professional can be fail-proof thanks to its Path to Prosperity approach to success.
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“We're changing things up,” says Hair Cuttery President and COO Phil Horvath. “Our promise is, ‘unlimited commission, unlimited you.’”
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You have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a job working behind the chair. And if you’re looking for a place where you can create a rewarding, successful career…that’s a very specific search. Your choices suddenly get a lot narrower. The folks at Hair Cuttery think they offer the ideal solution. Here’s why they think Hair Cuttery is the best!

Be the Best You
“The number one purpose of Hair Cuttery is to grow our people and their earnings,” explains Ratner Companies’ (Hair Cuttery’s parent company) President and COO Phil Horvath. “It’s the question we ask ourselves with every decision we make: How will this grow our people? We believe in investing in our salon professionals with best-in-class coaching, tools and education – everything they need to earn a better living and live a better life.”

That philosophy drives Hair Cuttery’s investments in technology and education, both designed to empower stylists to take ownership of their business. There’s an exclusive stylist app where our associates can track and manage their business right on their smartphones. A comprehensive online training system is also right at their fingertips, so stylists can take free classes whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

And when it comes to compensation structure, Hair Cuttery likes to think it sets the bar. That’s because stylists can earn unlimited service commission! Says Horvath, “We have people right now earning over 70% commission, and their careers are just skyrocketing. These are all game changers that have opened up a whole new world of opportunity for our people, and put them on what we call the Path to Prosperity. Allowing our salon professionals to live their best lives; be their best selves – it’s what drives us every day.”

Best Training
In a world of Instagram and Pinterest, stylists have to be able to deliver the looks that inspire their guests to keep growing their business. Hair Cuttery partners with top Redken educators to design technical training that teaches basic design, color and styling skills, as well as advanced techniques on the latest trends. “School can only teach you so much,” points out VP of Technical Training Paula Malloy. “Once you leave beauty school, you should find a salon like Hair Cuttery that ensures you’ll keep growing and learning new things so you can retain guests and ultimately raise your prices.”

The business-building skills Hair Cuttery provides also set this salon chain apart. “Part of our company’s Path to Prosperity initiatives are about empowering our stylists to build their business,” says Horvath. In addition to regular coaching from trained leadership, customer service, communication and other soft skills are built in to every class.

Best Rewards
In addition to unlimited commission, Hair Cuttery provides performance incentives and rewards celebrations. Several hundred top Hair Cuttery associates attend an annual company paid event with hands on classes, a vendor gallery, recognition and rewards events and a hair show. They also offer a package of unique benefits like health and dental insurance; life and disability insurance; FSA for adults and children; paid time off and a 401k to ensure a secure future.

Best Career Pathing
Hair Cuttery nurtures the talents of its people throughout the company, and offers opportunities in leadership, education and recruiting. From district leaders to in-salon educators, many roles are filled by associates who started behind the chair.

“We Ratner Companies also have has a variety of salon brands within the family for all stages of a stylist’s career,” adds Horvath. “Hair Cuttery, with a competitive price point, is great for stylists of all levels. As you build your career, Bubbles or Salon Cielo could be the next step. Salon Plaza offers established stylists the option of owning their own business without the risks of being completely independent.”

Best of all - A LOVE Company
At the end of the day, a salon is just a place to work if it doesn’t feel right. And that comes back to Hair Cuttery’s culture. As CEO, Founder and Salon Professional Dennis Ratner says, “As a family of salon professionals ourselves, we understand the unique needs of stylists. We have always been all about the people and I am proud of how we have evolved, to offer our people the best salon chain career opportunity in the business! Our purpose says it best: our associates are at the heart of everything we do.”

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