Custom Finishing: Rose Gold Floret How-to

December 17, 2018 | 8:43 AM
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2. Band to secure at the bottom of the curved braid, then take a bobby pin and press halfway through the band.
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3. Gently curve the braid into itself, wrapping aroundthe bobby pin, feeding in to the bobby pin as you go around. It will bend naturally because it isalready curved from pulling out just one side of the braid. Securing along the bobby pin will maintain the shape of the rose.
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4. Grab hold of the bobby pin and pull center down to the base to create a more three-dimensional floret.
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5. Using metallic eyeshadow, dip a makeup brush into the shadow and dab onto the floret, placing color as desired. In this case, several different tones are placed along the flower.
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6. Place the florets along the top and sides and secure with the existing bobby pin used to wrap the floret. At this point you can add more color based on the desired finish.
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Hair: Jamie Suarez, vice president creative, Regis Corporation
Assistant: Melissa Sparks, Regis education director
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for
Fashion stylist: Rod Novoa

The holiday season is the time for salon pros to create statement looks for customers busy attending parties and events. Making sure each look is personalized will give your client a photo-worthy silhouette.

Holiday styling is going to be a bit less traditional for the 2018/2019 holidays. According to Jamie
Suarez, vice president creative for Regis Corporation, unique and personalized looks are trending.

“Our client is not going to see herself coming and going this season,” he says. “Every look will be customized.”
More than ever, Suarez is taking a 360-degree approach to the silhouette. “There is now more interest to the front hairline,” Suarez says. “So many people want that one photo that works from straight on. Social media is driving the focus to the front hairline, especially when it comes to updos.”

Inspired by some of the top trends of 2018, like rose golds, embellishments and subtle shimmer, Suarez, along with Melissa Sparks, Regis education director, worked slowly and carefully to create a look that wows from
every direction. When creating and placing the rosettes Suarez chose to combine textures and accent with the color of the year—rose gold.

“I wanted to add an interesting texture while creating a modern shape with a version of an important and trending shade,” Suarez says. “These handmade florets can be colored and then placed for the desired focus. The results are a beautiful look from any direction.”

In the above gallery, Suarez breaks down the creation of the rose florets that he says can be used for any occasion, but work beautifully for a holiday look.

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