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5 Ways to Protect Your Salon Tool Investment

Maggie Mulhern | February 5, 2019 | 10:18 AM
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The BaBylissPRO Rapido Blow Dryer that has a motor that lasts 10,000 hours.
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One of a hairstylists greatest “investments” is the collection of small appliances needed to dry, transform and reshape the hair. Yes, those blow dryers, flat irons, clippers and specialty irons that most hairdressers buy and replace on a regular basis can each cost up to $500, so protecting that investment just makes sense. “There are things you can do to maintain your professional styling tools to make them perform best and have a longer life,” David Gardiner, Director of Marketing Professional Styling, BaBylissPRO, says. It’s important that YOU do your homework to make sure you are not only getting the right tool, but that you doing everything you can and should to prolong the life of that investment.

According to Gardiner, a typical professional hair dryer will last 500 to 600 hours. “The Italian motors that we offer will last up to 2000 hours and brushless motors should last up to 10,000 hours or up to ten times longer than the average blow dryer on the market.” Gardiner points out that these may cost more and are lighter weight. The Rapido, for example, is brushless, lightweight and costs $179. 

“You can tell a blow dryer is not performing when it doesn’t get as hot or gets too hot,” Gardiner says. “It may just have a clogged filter. If a  flat iron needs more passes to get the desired result, it may need something as simple as a quick cleaning. It’s important to keep on top your tools.”

MODERN checked in with Gardiner and Dennis Colpitts, Director of Marketing and Education, Clippers and Trimmers, BaBylissPRO, to get their tips on how-to best maintain small salon appliances.

1. PROPER MAINTENANCE: Some of the common damages that can be prevented with proper maintenance are clogged filters on the back of hair dryers, which can cause the dryer to overheat from a lack of air flow. For cutting tools, proper cleaning of loose hair is vital and lubricating the blades is very important to keep them cutting at top performance. Make sure to use the dedicated oil designed for salon tools that cleans, disinfects and lubricates. Styling irons should be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any excess buildup on plates/barrels. Water should be placed on a cloth - never directly on the iron - and then squeezed to remove excess before wiping the tool.

2. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: First and most important, everyone should read the instruction manual included with their tool when first purchased. “That's where they will find great information about how to properly care for their tool,” Gardiner says. One instruction that the BabylissPRO team stress is that artists allow the tool to cool down before storing. 

3. USE THE RIGHT TOOL: Every stylist has different needs, “Which is why BaBylissPRO offers a wide variety of tools with different features and benefits,” Gardiner says. “Some stylists will have greater importance on a hair dryer that's light weight, while others may be okay with a slightly heavier tool that dries the hair faster.” According to Gardiner and Colpitts, motors for clippers and hair dryers are a vital component for stylists to make their choice regarding weight, power and performance. “Our brushless motor items, like the BaBylissPRO Rapido dryer and our GoldFX/RoseFX clippers and trimmers have completely changed the idea that a stylist or barber has to choose between weight and performance. Those tools are a perfect combination of both, with very long product life,” Gardiner says. As for styling irons, there are many products that claim a maximum temperature that appear to be the same as more expensive options. “But that is sometimes misleading, as the recovery time can vary greatly causing unnecessary and extra passes over hair,” Colpitts adds. “Good performing tools are an investment to help stylists do their job better.”

4. PROPER STORAGE: Power cord damage is another issue that stylists can run into on all tools if they twist or wrap their power cord around the base of the tool. Most professional tools have longer cords so it’s tempting, but in the long run, wrapping the cord will ultimately cause failure in the styling tool. 

5. WARRANTY: “BaBylissPRO stands behind every product we manufacture,” says Colpitts. “We prefer stylists not use repaired tools, as it can negatively affect the performance in the future. Simple things like replacement filters for a hair dryer are usually available through our customer service department.” Some manufacturers offer replacement of the styling tool during the entire warranty, while others may offer repair as part of the warranty (you must check to see if there is any kind of warranty at all.) Hold on to the proof of purchase and instruction manual as it will make the entire return process easier.

Get a quick demo from David Gardiner on how-to best maintain your investment:

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