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Vitality's Deco Jo

October 15, 2014 | 11:17 PM
Photo By Deco Vitality

How can you control the heat generated from the bleaching (lightening) process? Since 2004, Vitality's, an Italian brand has produced products for lightening hair. Their product Deco Jo, an extra delicate bleach with Jojoba oil, does just that. The brand developed Deco Jo out of the need to reduce and stabilize the temperature during bleaching exposure time. When lightening the hair, an exothermic reaction develops and it produces a lot of heat. Vitality realized the necessity this created hair colorists, so they developed a line of products that keep temperature constant while respecting the structure of the hair:

The Vitality line of products includes:
DecoSoft: An ammonia-free bleaching system
DecoRapid: Bleaching System for textured or thick hair
Color-Off: Removes the cosmetic color without altering the hair's structure
Deco Lovely Cream: Cream for bleaching that comes into contact with the skin. Enriched with Bisabolol, extracted from chamomile, which soothes and hydrates.

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