Embrace Curls With DevaCurl

Chandler Rollins | January 5, 2015 | 10:36 AM
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The Beautiful Mess: Effortless texture, carefree curls
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The Romantic: Everyday touchably, soft curls
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The Beach Siren: Vacation curls, saltwater sexy
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DevaCurl helps professionals create beautiful curls so clients can celebrate their natural texture.


At DevaCurl, they have a saying: “embrace your curls and love them. That’s the brand’s foundation—beautiful curls. “We understand texture and can make it shine—no matter what the need of the hair is,” says Shari Harbinger, vice president of education at DevaCurl. “From the barely curly girl in search of the perfect beach waves to the coily girl who’s never known what to do to her hair, it’s how you mold the hair that truly makes it shine.” 


This awareness has allowed DevaCurl to accomplish what many texture companies struggle to do, which is simultaneously address the professional while meeting the needs of the consumer. Under the leadership of CEO Colin WalshDevaCurl is charging forward in 2015 with a new mission to listen, support, and celebrate by actively engaging and initiating in conversations within the curly haired community, providing reliable services, products and education to clients and stylists and validating the men and women who embrace their natural hair wholeheartedly and unapologetically. For more information on Deva and the complete tutorial on the looks above, click HERE


Hair by: Ana Paula Cota (red hair) and Ed Joseph (honey blonde hair and platinum hair)

Photography: Bryan Soderlin

Makeup: Emily Green

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