Product Club Disposable Towels

Elizabeth Jakaitis | January 22, 2015 | 8:33 AM
Product Club Disposable Towels

Product Club’s Disposable Towels are made with specially interwoven fibers that make them extremely strong and durable, even when wet. They are two times more absorbent than cotton towels, yet are lightweight and comfortable for clients. Each towel is generously sized – 15.75” x 31.5” – and the fabric-like material feels smooth and luxurious. Each box contains 50 towels. 



Eco-Friendly - Disposable Towels are made from 100% biodegradable fibers. By using these towels instead of cotton towels, you will greatly reduce the waste of water, energy and detergents that are used in the laundry process. 

Time & Money Saving - In addition to being better for the environment, Disposable Towels will also save you money on water, energy and detergent or the cost of laundry services. You will eliminate time wasted on washing, drying and folding towels. 

Storage - Many salons have challenges in regards to storage, especially in the dispensary area. Disposable Towels take up 50% less space in storage cabinets than cotton towels. 

Clean & Sanitary - No more baskets of wet, stained towels laying around the salon waiting to be laundered. Disposable Towels guarantee your client a fresh, clean towel every time. 


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