Wrapadoo 2-in-1 Hair Towel

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 29, 2015 | 9:13 AM

Wrapadoo 2-in-1 Hair Towel seeks to enhance the salon experience by offering spa luxury to wearers through its comfortable fabric and prevents hair damage and breakage with its practical design.  

Created by Cynthia Saito and launched in 2010, Wrapadoo can be used in the salon to enhance the client experience and can be added to a salon’s retail sales, as reported by Gina Betts, co-owner of Michael Flores Salon in Dallas, Texas.

“The inclusion of Wrapadoo not only allowed our stylists to serve clients with incredible luxury and exclusivity but, we have simultaneously increased both our revenue stream and our brand exposure through the customer at-home experience credited to our private label agreement, allowing us to retail Wrapadoo with our logo embroidered on every unit that goes out the door,” says Betts.


  • Helps to both dry wet hair, and keep dry hair dry while in the shower, tub, or spa. Increased life to blowouts and styling.
  • Requires no head flipping to apply. Great for weaves, sewn-in extensions, and those with limited or diminishing physical abilities.
  • No twisting to hold in place, which means reduced stress, breakage, tangling, hair loss or loss of texture to curls.
  • Ideal for deep conditioning treatments, using body heat to create warmth, enriching the depth of the treatment.
  • Velcro tabs keep Wrapadoo comfortably in place.

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