Is the Air in Your Salon Slowly Compromising Your Health?

Lauren Salapatek | May 10, 2016 | 12:28 AM
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Is the air in your salon environment safe?
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Aerovex Systems has created this advanced Chemical Source Capture System designed for salon chemical fume extraction. Healthy Air technology eliminates formaldehyde and chemical vapors in keratin hair smoothing treatments, laser hair removal treatments and other hair chemical services.
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The Healthy Air Nail Source Capture System by Aerovex Systems protects nail technicians AND their clients from inhalation exposure to nail vapors, dust and microorganisims.
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This air purifier from Aerovex Systems uses patented eHEPA technology to eliminate chemical vapors, odors and dusts from salon air.
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This air purifier from Aerovex Systems exposed.
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If you’re experiencing burning/watery eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing, occupation-related asthma or other related skin allergen sensitivity – you could be experiencing “sensory irritation.” The root cause? It could be stemming from repeated overexposure to airborne chemical vapors, mists and dusts.

Chemical services – which include everything from simple haircoloring to keratin smoothing treatments emit unwanted vapors – leaving you, your co-workers/employees and your clients exposed to airborne chemical contaminants on a daily basis.

So what’s the easiest and most effective way to prevent these vapors and dust from getting into the salon?

Provide a source capture ventilation system.

“A source capture ventilation system protects the ‘breathing zone’ of the stylist – the two-foot radius in front of the mouth,” says Jeff Cardarella, president of Aerovex Systems, Inc. “Every breath we take comes from the breathing zone. It is important to keep that area clean. And, if that area is clean – if the vapors and dust are captured immediately – then they don't become inhaled or make it past the work station and into the salon.”

Cardarella explains that source capture systems like Aerovex’s Healthy Air Chemical Source Capture System, intake the chemical vapors that are created when stylists apply chemical treatments to the hair, during blow drying, and flat ironing. Then, they adsorb and contain the vapors.

“Salon ventilation has become a hot topic with the introduction of keratin hair smoothing services,” says Cardarella. “Formaldehyde vapors are released into the air when heat is applied during blow drying and flat ironing of the hair, as well as during application of keratin hair smoothing products which contain formaldehyde releasing ingredients.”

And here’s the kicker: If you’re an owner and you don’t provide proper ventilation in the salon, you can be either sued by booth renters and/or employees who experience these adverse health reactions, explains Cardarella.

Also important to note, the use of ceiling fans, opening windows and air conditioning, although they do circulate air and will reduce concentrations of salon chemical vapors, mists and dust, are NOT proper salon ventilation control measures. 

He adds, “Salons that are not equipped with the appropriate ventilation needed to prevent sensory irritation should NOT provide these services until the situation is corrected. Proper ventilation that is appropriate for the services being performed is VERY important for both the client and salon professional.”

By incorporating a proper source capture system and a salon air purification system, you will provide a safer working environment for everyone.

Stylists benefit in two ways. First, they will breathe clean air - which makes for happier lungs while helping to eliminate sensory irritation. Second, they will never have to be concerned about the smell of the salon. 

“Salons must begin to consider ventilation as an important tool. You can't cut hair without shears; and you can't have a safe salon environment without proper and effective ventilation,” says Cardarella.

Don’t overlook vapors caused from chemical services, dust and unwanted airborne contaminants any more – learn more about how important proper salon ventilation is to you and your clients by visiting

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