Hair Couture Extensions & Hair Pieces: Everything You Need to Know

Lauren Quick | August 8, 2016 | 10:00 AM

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Mission & message

"Hair is not just an expression of style or an affirmation of beauty; it can be a life-changing moment for some. Hair Couture’s mission is to provide professionals with enhanced and innovative hair products they can trust. Giving a wider selection of hair solutions to help personalize each and every client’s needs. The ultimate mission is the end result; when the client sees their finished look, it’s that smile that keeps us going."


When and why did Hair Couture get involved in extensions?

Seoul, South Korea, is the birthplace of Hair Couture. As the heart of the entertainment industry in Asia, Seoul breeds some of the fastest-growing trend leaders of fashion, hair and cosmetics in the world. Hair Couture first made custom hair pieces for celebrities, creating their voluminous looks and hiding their thinning areas. Orders from retailers and salons from outside countries began taking place, and by 2007, Hair Couture co-operated two manufacturing factories in China to keep up with the demand.


What education does Hair Couture provide?

Hair Couture has three types of education to help further advance the skills of professional stylists wanting to expand their services with hair extensions or hair pieces. Hair Couture partners with stylists, salon owners and retailers to build relationships and share business aspects on how to maximize the benefits we offer. Our educators are master stylists with years of extension service experience who are also the voices of our research and development team.


How does Hair Couture help salons drive revenue?

We do not have a set retail price for our products. We do not retail online but provide strict region exclusivity. We feel setting a suggested price limits the personal customization the stylists’ can achieve with their clients. Our products are not just tangible goods; they are a part of the masterpiece the stylists create. There are no set prices on this combination. We strongly believe that by providing professional quality at affordable prices, we will accomplish a win-win situation with our partners.


What should a stylist unfamiliar with Hair Couture try first?
We would advise you to take an introductory class based on your hair extension specialty (hot or cold fusion) and learn about our products. Knowing the difference from what is out in the market compared to Hair Couture would set you apart.


What resources does Hair Couture provide for salons?

Hair Couture has a SO Program that helps salon owners display a wide range of products in their salons without overhead. By providing a customized plan to meet the salon’s demand in product and building a solid distributorship within that territory, we will support the salon with marketing materials, videos, publications and education for the salons’ employed or self-employed stylists. Contact Hair Couture for requirements to qualify for the SO Program.


Phone: 562-483-7376

Facebook: HairCoutureUS

Instagram: haircoutureus

Hair Couture provides a collection of 16 varieties of hair solutions. From salon professional fusion extensions to end-user-friendly clip-ins, Hair Couture caters to a diverse demographic within the hair extension industry. The most recent Ambience Collection by Hair Couture was launched in July 2016. Inspired by those who suffer from partial hair loss and balding areas, these lightweight Top Pieces are comfortable and discreet.

Best sellers:
Fusion Extensions are the most popular products, used in professional salons worldwide, offering stylists luxurious quality and multiple color choices. Tape Hair, I-Tip and U-Tip are among the best-selling lines preferred by professionals. Fusion lines have 11 dark and more than 23 lighter shades, consisting of 14 blonde mix shades.


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