René Furterer Announces OKARA Collections

February 1, 2019 | 12:35 PM
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OKARA Color Shampoo
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OKARA Color Conditioner
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OKARA Color Masque
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OKARA Color-enhancing Spray
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OKARA Blond Brightening Shampoo
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OKARA Blond Brightening Conditioner
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OKARA Blond Brightening Spray
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OKARA Silver Shampoo
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OKARA Silver Conditioner
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After a salon visit, color-treated hair looks radiant and vibrant. But damage caused inside the hair fiber can begin to reveal itself on the surface. As color treatments continue, the damage becomes more apparent. Altered by chemical color treatment, the hydrolipidic film that coats the hair and prevents it from becoming dehydrated no longer functions as a protective barrier and hair becomes dry and rough. Lifted during color treatment, keratin scales no longer make the hair appear smooth and shiny and instead, dull and difficult to style. Significantly stressed, the internal structure of the hair becomes more fragile, resulting in less resistant, damaged and broken strands.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of color-treated, blonde, gray and white hair, René Furterer has reinvented the long-standing OKARA range. The three new made-to-measure rituals repair hair and enhance color. OKARA Color for color-treated hair, OKARA Blond for natural, highlighted or bleached blonde hair and OKARA Silver for gray, white or platinum blonde hair.

The new OKARA lines will launch in February.

OKARA Color:

  • This color-radiance formulation is designed to protect color and prolong the radiance of color-treated hair.
  • It's formualted with natural key ingredients Okara and Witch-Hazel Extracts, and an anti-color fading acid PH, this color-enhancing range prevents color-fading and enhances shine.
  • The line includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a color-protection masque and a color-enhancing spray.

OKARA Blond:

  • Formulated for natural, highlighted or bleached blonde hair.
  • Natural, blonde hair requires freshness and shine. Bleached, color-treated, highlighted or streaked hair needs care and radiance. OKARA Blond is formulated with natural key ingredients Okara extract and ReflectLumière™ to repair, lighten and illuminate all shades of blonde hair.
  • The line includes a brightening shampoo, a brightening conditioner and a brightening spray. 

OKARA Silver:

  • Formulated for gray, white or platinum blonde hair.
  • All hair yellows over time, but it is particularly visible on very light hair. This yellowing can have different causes including pollution, UV rays, or disappearance of color pigments. OKARA Silver, formulated with natural OKARA extract and toning violet pigments, leaves hair soft and bouncy and neutralizes unwanted brassy, yellow tones.
  • The line includes a toning shampoo and a toning conditioner.
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