Deb Gavin

HOW-TO: Dimensional Deep Crimson Hue by Keratin Complex

According to Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director, Color Therapy for Keratin Complex, dimension is using a color that enhances or balances the main tone. Here, she creates a deep crimson hair color hue.

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HOW TO: The Behind The Scenes Of Modern's September Cover

Deb Gavin offers an overview of the color design she created for Modern's September cover.

Graphic Color

For this MODERN photoshoot, it was the fashion that inspired Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director for Keratin Complex Color Therapy, to create a red-violet finish with pearly copper melted shades for a look that makes a statement.

HOW TO: Guarantee Even Color Uptake

Deb Gavin of Keratin Complex Color Therapy shares HOW TO guarantee even color uptake.

HOW TO Cleanse The Canvas For Color Success

Keratin Complex International Creative Director Deb Gavin shows HOW TO do a "canvas cleanse" to guarantee beautiful color.

Entering a Competition While Using an Unfamiliar Brand

From the Ask the Experts section in June MODERN 2013. Why should a colorist get outside their comfort zone and enter a photo shoot competition using a brand they may be unfamiliar with? Deb Gavin from Keratin Complex offers her advice, with reference to the Keratin Complex Photo Contest.

Ask the Experts: Flaunt Your Creativity

How can a stylist or colorist use social media to best showcase their work? How do you best showcase hair color for a photo shoot?

Ask the Experts: Showcasing Your Work

We asked these experts how you can better showcase your work as a stylist or colorist. See responses from Keratin Complex's Deb Gavin, Goldwell's Patrick McIvor and Farouk's Joe Anthony Pena.