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Many stylists are embarking into salon suites or small studios. In some ways, small spaces can be great, but they can also be a challenge when you’re trying to run a thriving hairdressing business. Obviously, space will be tight as well as your storage options. Think about which pieces of salon furniture will help you maximize your square footage and supplies that will help you operate smoothly. Here at Minerva Beauty, we’ve outlined several things to think about to help you get started.

Styling Stations

When it comes to salon styling stations, consider storage vs. workspace. If you have a designated area for mixing color that isn’t at your station, you may not need as much surface area to work from. Therefore, you could consider a tower station that will give your more cubbies and drawers to keep your styling tools, extra product, and maybe even your personal belongings.

If you need more of a countertop, you can consider a vanity-style station. Not only will these stations give you a counter to set your styling tools and mix color, but they often provide storage underneath.

Additionally, your space may be too narrow for a deep station. If that’s the case, you can consider a mirror with a small cabinet or even a cart. You may end up with less storage in this scenario, but you can get creative with placing storage elsewhere.

Almost any of our styling stations can work in a salon suite setting. It’s just a matter of how you want to use the space.

Styling Chairs

When it comes to salon styling chairs for suites, think light and airy! Chunky styling chairs may weigh the room down and make it feel even smaller. Salon seating with open arms can keep your space looking a bit more open. Some styling chairs also have a larger footprint than others, and in small spaces, every inch counts!

Check out some of our most popular styling chairs for salon suites here.

Shampoo Systems

If you’re lucky enough to have more space, really any shampoo system can do, but if you’re in tight quarters, there are some things to consider as you browse shampoo systems. What shampoo system footprint will fit? Will your space allow for a backwash set up or do you need to use a sidewash? Once you’ve discovered the answers to these two key questions, then you dig in to discover what will work for you.

For our ultimate space saving options, check out the Callaway or Cumberland Shampoo Cabinets as well as the Montego Pedestal. Pair these with any of our shampoo chair options for versatility. If you’re more interested in an all-in-one unit, try the Vantage Shampoo SystemCarrera Shampoo System, or for the ultimate salon studio experience, the Mykonos Reclining Shampoo System.

Storage & Displays

Minerva Beauty offers several different types of products to help satisfy your storage and retail display needs. Let’s first touch on color and back bar storage. Select just a floating color holder or the color organizer with the lower cabinet. We also have the mega of all color organizers—the Broadway Trio which is three color racks stacked to hold over 1,000+ tubes of color!

Additionally, you may desire some generic cabinet storage in your salon studio. Our Laguna or Biscayne cabinet sets may be just what you need. They aren’t quite as deep as some other cabinet options but give ample storage space.

Next, consider how you’ll display your retail products. Perhaps that’s on your station or by utilizing one of our stations that has retail shelving built in. Or you could entertain using a floating retail shelving unit such as the Sakura Wall Mounted Retail Display. We also have the Seminole Retail Display and the Brighton Retail Displays that double for retail AND storage.


Sometimes it’s not easy to know where to even start when it comes to supplies needed for a new business venture. We’ve outlined a few of our go-to salon suite items below.

Towels & Capes

Towels are a BURDEN for every salon. They take up storage space as well as require a washer and dryer or a laundry service to maintain. It is also difficult to ensure they are completely hygienic between washes. However, Easydry towels and capes are a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. These single-use, biodegradable, disposable towels and capes will cut down on space and will cut the time you spend worrying about towels to almost nothing. In many cases, Easydry can save salons money and ALWAYS reduce laundry-driven headaches. However, if you’re not into disposables, you can always go with traditional cotton towels and washable capes.

Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to improve your client experience, consider using Zuka Cape Seals. Another revolutionary product, the silicone Zuka Cape Seals gently hug the neck creating a barrier between your client and the cape edge. The cape seals keep small bits of hair and water from sneaking under the cape. Set yourself apart from other stylists by adding next level comfort in your styling chair. 

Cleaning Supplies

Ship-Shape and BARBICIDE® are the new go-to products for salon cleanliness and sanitation standards. Ship-Shape is a cleaner that cuts through hair product grime and is safe to use on vinyl products such as styling chairs and shampoo chairs as well as styling stations and carts. BARBICIDE, the blue trademark of salon sanitation, is great for all non-porous surfaces. Use it on your carts, trolleys, styling tools to ensure a sanitized environment for every client.

You may also want to consider a UV Sanitizer for your space. UV Sanitizers are great for sanitizing tools using a UV bulb to kill bacteria and fungus. Simply place tools inside, turn it on, and leave for about 10 minutes (see instructions per UV Sanitizer purchased).

And let’s not forget…the EyeVac Pro Electronic Dustpan is an independent hairstylist’s personal assistant. Sweep hair and debris right up to the EyeVac and the infrared sensors will initiate suction into the easy to dump canister. With the EyeVac Pro Electronic Dustpan, you’ll be able to keep your floors hair and debris free with ease!

Masks & Gloves

Yep, face masks and gloves have become a staple in every salon environment. Minerva Beauty has a wide selection of washable cloth face masks to suit your personal style. We also carry nylon gloves to protect you from chemicals found in hair color and cleaners.

Carts & Trolleys

Salon carts and service trays can be an essential tool in a salon suite environment. They can be loaded up with your essentials for ease of use as you work on your clients and then easily sanitized between uses. Minerva Beauty even has trolleys that fold down to save space when not in use.

Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue Mats

Think for a moment…you’re going to be spending A LOT of time behind the styling chair and shampoo system in your suite. Why not improve your comfort simply by adding anti-fatigue mats where you’ll be standing most?

Obviously, there are endless options when it comes to designing your salon suite. Keep in mind how you prefer to operate in a salon environment and work from there. Some find it easiest to hone in on their ideal styling station. Others prefer to lock in on a styling chair and design around it.

Below are four salon suite layouts along with a sampling of products to suit each to help get the juices flowing. How you choose to build you salon suite is completely up to you! Here at Minerva Beauty, we just hope this article helps you define your salon suite needs and gives you some direction to create your space the way you see fit. To further define your style, check out our Style Guide which showcases some of the most popular interior design styles along with coordinated product pairings.

The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies
The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies

Featured products: Genesis Single Sided Styling Station, Vantage Styling Chair in Cashmere, 3'x4' Semi Circle Anti Fatigue Mat, Avant Shampoo System in Cashmere, Broadway Color Bar, Palermo Retail Display

The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies
The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies

Featured products: Soriano Styling Station, Carrera Styling Chair in Ivory, Avery Shampoo System in Ivory, Granger Service Tray, Loki Waiting Chair, Carnegie Retail Display

The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies
The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies

Featured products: Brookhaven II Styling Station, Ravenel Full Length Mirror, Aviator Styling Chair in Camel, Vantage Stainless Steel Shampoo System in Camel, Broadway Color Bar, Brighton Retail Display, Leif Waiting Chair

The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies
The Guide to Salon Suite Designs and Supplies

Featured products: Chastain Styling Station, Bradham Full Length Mirror, Emma Styling Chair in Sage Green, Avant Shampoo System in Mocha, Broadway Color Bar, Sakura Wall Mount Retail Display, Reception Chair

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