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When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) came out last week and said that masks were no longer required for fully-vaccinated persons, neither outdoors nor indoors, the response was mixed.   Many greeted this news as an indication we are reaching herd immunity in parts of the country, that vaccinations are working and that we are seeing a return to pre-pandemic normality.

Others felt that the CDC’s message was too broad, too confusing and that it would cause problems—especially for small business owners—who didn’t want to fight with their customers if their policies conflicted with the CDC announcement.

Different communities have different rates of vaccination and their Covid case counts vary, as well.  This means that while the CDC may have meant to send an optimistic message, it could create a challenge for salons and their staff.


Here is how several salons are communicating with their clients after the CDC announcement. 

At Steller Hair Co Salon @stellerhairco in Minnesota, an Instagram slideshow on their feed explained their policy. 

"Although this news feels exciting, we are proceeding with intentional caution. Due to the proximity and extended periods of time in which our Steller team works with clients and each other, we feel that it is in the best interest of our team and community to continue requiring masks when spending time at Steller Hair Co.

"As a salon, we are committed to creating a space that not only is safe, but also feels safe. We are looking forward to the day where we can be mask-free, but we aren’t quite there yet! We are grateful for your support and kindness through these transitions!"

At the California nail salon @nail_me_rite, the message included an acknowledgment that some clients would not welcome continued mask wearing.

"Not trying to start an argument it’s about my piece of mind and the confidence all my clients feel safe and know I’m still doing the most to keep this small space clean. Please keep in mind I have clients in all age ranges with different needs or ailments, clients that personally care for elderly loved ones and getting their nails done is their only retreat. Some of my clients only leave home for this service “I appreciate you” but still haven’t even been in a store for over a year.

"This mask request is for all of them because I want them to still feel like this is a safe place for them as it always has been."

The message is clear at @the29eleven salon in Austin:  "29Eleven The Salon maintains the right to refuse service to anyone that does not wish to wear a mask in the salon. Not wearing a mask will result in the client's appointment being canceled with a fee."

At Haven Esthetics @haven_esthetics in Cary, NC, a graphic with text says what they want clients to know, while at Mango Salon @mangorva in Richmond, Virginia, they express a common sentiment:

"The news from the CDC regarding the mask mandate is very exciting! Though we're thrilled to hear the good news, safety is our #1 priority." 


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