Setting a great foundation is so important for achieving a long-lasting hairstyle. For bridal updos or special occassion looks, Lori Fudens (@Lorifudens_Redkenartist) goes through these steps to prep hair for success.

7 Steps to Prep for the Perfect Updo
7 Steps to Prep for the Perfect Updo

"To start, I recommend doing a pre-visit Facetime consultation," Fudens, a stylist, educator and Redken artist in Clearwater, FL, says. "I instruct my clients to arrive with clean, dry hair. I can always make it 'dirty' with product. Use all of these products sparingly initially until you get a feel for the steps. You can always add but you can’t really subtract short of washing the hair and ain’t nobody got time for all that!

"Once you’re comfortable with this sequence and these types of products, I highly encourage you to mix and match, eliminate, add and make it your own! Wanna use ALL dry texture spray only? Go for it!"

Prepping for an Upstanding Updo

7 Steps to Prep for the Perfect Updo
7 Steps to Prep for the Perfect Updo

Photo Credit: Lori Fudens

1. Start by using Redken Guts or Kerastase Densifique Volumizer at the root and mid-lengths. Apply onto dry hair two or three sections at a time and blow dry in while constantly moving the hair with your fingers or a vent brush. "I don’t apply it to the entire head in one fell swoop before blow drying because it will start to dry and get stiff before it’s blown into the hair. It’s best to apply it in quadrants."

Direct the root hair up with a brush or fingers to give the hair height, or in the direction it is going to end up going while blow drying the product in.

2. Next, Fudens likes to use a texture spray (like Redken Triple Dry 15 texture spray) for an additional layer of grip and manageability.  "All of these steps are adding volume and tack while drying out the hair strands. A dryer hair strand holds curl better."

3. If too much product has been added to the hair and it is hard to work with, comb or section, Ludens will 'soften' the hair by using a shine spray to break down product and soften overly porous or dry ends. When used last, after the entire look is created, it will create a beautiful shine.

4. If you use too much shine spray and the hair then looks oily, you can use a quick spray of dry shampoo to absorb the oil. 

5. Once she has fully prepped the hair, Fudens will then go through and use an iron to put in more height, movement and texture. She likes the Sam Villa Marcel Curling Iron, which also converts to a wand. "I’ll add the occasional layer of  Redken Fashion Works 12 hair spray for good measure."

6. To minimize flyaways as she's working, she is constantly smoothing the hair with her fingers by combing them through the hair, controlling flyaways as she goes.

7. As a last step, Fudens will use aVERY conservative amount of a wax (like Redken Wax Blast) to smooth down stubborn flyaways.

"Some flyaway is ok; you don’t want a helmet, you want romance. Apply the Wax Blast in a sweeping motion. Don’t just hold it still and spray directly. Start with one spray across the top of the head, or wherever needed, then run your fingers through. This will also give you some serious additional hold along with smoothing flyaways so be sure it’s the last product you layer."

TIP: "When using the dry texture spray, dry shampoo, spray wax or a large blast of hair spray, step into another room, the hallway or outside as to not completely fog up the room/suite that you’re working in. Your party will thank you for being considerate of their personal space seeing as how aerosol products can be offensive."

WATCH as Fudens breaks down a bridal style: 

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