Corrective Color: Warm Raspberry to Cool Brown
Corrective Color: Warm Raspberry to Cool Brown

When it comes to controlling warmth, do you sometimes wish you had a magic potion to neutralize all those unwanted red and orange tones and transform them into natural looking, cool, earthy hues? Well, voila!  Digital Creative Director J. Ladner demonstrates how it’s possible to do just that in this raspberry to neutral brunette transformation. His “magic potion?” The new Matte series by Calura  Permanent Hair Shine and Calura Gloss Demi Permanent Liquid Hair from Oligo Professionnel.

"With the Matte Series it's all about control," explains J Ladner. “These five new AG shades, in levels four through eight, control and neutralize any red and orange undertones — even those that have occurred as a result of applying vivid tones or on clients with pre-lightened and colored shades. The secret lies in the tonal direction of these formulas — the background colors consist of 80 percent blue and 20 percent yellow, which is the ideal neutralizing combination.”

Corrective Color: Warm Raspberry to Cool Brown
Corrective Color: Warm Raspberry to Cool Brown

Here’s the Matte Series in action:

Before: This warm raspberry color was achieved with 8-51/8RA Framboise from the Calura Gloss Seasonal Shades collection.

Root tap: Matte by Calura Gloss 5-13 /5AG with 7Vol(2%) Calura Gloss Demi-Cream Developer for dimension.

Mid-lengths and ends: Matte by Calura Gloss 8-13/8AG with 7Vol(2%) Calura Gloss Demi-Cream Developer. “This was on tone with the previously-used 8RA Framboise,” explains Ladner.

The result is a reflective, natural brunette without unwanted warmth.


Calura Matte Pro Tip

Ladner offers these additional insights into the new Matte Collection:

  1. This series can be used to control or neutralize red and orange tones. For controlling warm tones, we recommend intermixing up to 25% of a Matte shade with any fashion shade.

  2. For neutralization or color correction, one of the Matte shades may be used on its own.

  3. This series can be intermixed with cool shades to enhance cool results or warm shades to control warm results.

  4. The Matte series also can be used for corrective techniques when a hair color has turned out too warm or brassy for a desired natural or neutral result.

  5. The Matte series is not recommended for highlighted hair (this means do not use Matte alone on levels 9-10 hair).

  6. The Matte series can be used alone on natural hair that is up to 25 percent white. If applied on hair that is more than 25 percent white, the result will be a greenish hue.

  7. If the percentage of white hair is higher than 25 percent, it’s important to intermix the Matte shade with a shade from the existing Calura 100 percent white coverage series to achieve the desired result. Do not apply the Matte series directly to 100 percent white hair.

“This new series is all about control,” says Ladner. “With this new series, you are completely in control of all unwanted red and orange tones, and unwanted warmth.”

Learn more about the Matte Series by Calura here.

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