Artist Connective Member Kyra Brown — published stylist and owner of Ky & Co. in Chicago — specializes in blonding textured hair, and she found a product that works wonders on her girls: Sebastian’s No.Breaker leave-in conditioning treatment.   

One application of No.Breaker provides 4 weeks of hair smoothness, repairing severely damaged hair.

It’s ideal for stylists with clients who are lightened regularly, like Brown’s, as well as clients who:

  • frequently use heat styling tools
  • have dry, damaged hair due to styling and chemical service

No.Breaker is especially effective for textured hair, providing that extra moisture to keep curls shiny. Case-in-point: this client of Brown’s, who she lightened and styled to perfection with No.Breaker in the middle. 

Brown’s been using No.Breaker on many of her clients, and the before and after results speak for themselves. 

“'I’ve found a winner baybeeeee,' in my Rupaul voice!" Brown says. "I’m living for the new @sebastianpro_northamerica No.Breaker! Because we have no time for breakage of any kind over here!! I just need that extra protection after I’ve colored my Girls!”

Using No.Breaker is easy: towel-dry shampooed hair, hold the bottle 6 inches away from the hair and spray from roots to ends, then blow dry and style as usual.

Learn more about No.Breaker at Cosmoprof.

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