ViezieColor Allows for Custom Color Touch-ups Between Appointments
ViezieColor Allows for Custom Color Touch-ups Between Appointments

ViezieColor, the professional custom mini retouch color kit, has launched at leading salons across the country. This innovative offering provides stylists an extension to their in-salon color services by providing clients the invaluable benefit of fresh hair color, always, without them turning to less-than-perfect substitutes or living with visible regrowth in between appointments. 

Founded by Cindy McKenzie, an industry vet with more than two decades of wide-ranging experience in the hair industry, ViezieColor is the missing in-between color service that allows clients to have perfect hair color, always. Feeling the frustration, stress, and insecurity that visible regrowth was causing her clients, McKenzie realized that the only real way to correct this problem, and bridge the gap, was to create a solution — this is when ViezieColor was born. The portable, stylish kit made for professionals includes a vial along with an applicator brush, spatula and allows colorists to fully serve their clients and be the sole key to their hair color needs. Never taking the place of regular salon visits, ViezieColor simply fills the void in the hair color process by providing the much needed in between service in a completely portable kit.

“Clients schedule salon hair color services every 3-6 weeks, yet regrowth begins to show after just one week , leaving hair-color clients with the stress of finding a way to cover up their regrowth until the next salon visit,'' says  McKenzie. “Our professional custom color touch-up kit allows hairstylists to batch up a small amount of custom-formulated hair color to extend their professional service and allow their clients to always look and feel their best.”

Prepared by a professional hair colorist during a client’s hair color appointment and housed in a sleek, compact kit, the fully recyclable vial keeps hair color and developer separate until the time of use and easily transforms into a convenient mixing and application container. The kit holds the perfect amount of customized color formula for a mini touch-up with a simple mess-free application process for clients to use at home or while traveling. Clients can purchase the entire kit or multiple kits from their professional hair colorist to take home and use on visible regrowth, allowing flexibility to both the professional and the client. The ideal use is over the parting and front hairline — the visible areas of regrowth that become noticeable between salon services.

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