Redken Uses Consumer Advertising to Bring Clients Back Into the Salons
Redken Uses Consumer Advertising to Bring Clients Back Into the Salons

In a new campaign called “The Redken Diaries,” Redken Brand Ambassadors—including Vernon François (left) and Philip Foresto (right)welcome clients back to the salon and reignite their self-confidence with pro hair services.

Redken has created and invested in a multi-million dollar advertising campaign designed to drive clients to book an appointment with their salon for a Redken Shades EQ Gloss service. A key feature of the campaign is called “The Redken Diaries”—energetic video clips and stunning makeover photos that feature top Redken stylists performing their magic on clients who are ever-so-ready for post-COVID hair revivals!

“Redken is committed to helping our salons and stylists rebuild their businesses so they are stronger than ever,” explains Redken General Manager, Candy Gebhart. “Our goal is to highlight the Redken professional expertise clients will experience by visiting a Redken Salon and in turn, help our stylist community build and grow their businesses to new levels of success.”

Redken Brand Ambassador Johnny Ramirez is featured in this “Redken Diary,” giving his client a new look with fresh highlights and a Redken Shades EQ glossing service.

The series features Redken Brand Ambassadors Johnny Ramirez and Philip Foresto and Redken Global Consultant Vernon François. For the project, each stylist was charged up and ready to perform makeovers on some of their favorite clients for the camera. François recently spilled some behind-the-scenes tea. “We shot at the Redken Exchange in New York City,” he reveals, “and it was thrilling because this is such an iconic space.  It is an honor to be part of this content encouraging people to rediscover the joy of visiting their own Redken pro hairstylist. When you watch the ‘Diaries’ you can tell we had lots of fun along the way!” 

In this “Diary” clip, Redken Brand Ambassador Philip Foresto says, “I believe hair is a major part of everybody’s identity.”

Each “Diary” episode evokes the joy clients feel to be back in the salon and experiencing a professional transformation. “The salon feels alive, empowering, and safe,” says Ramirez. “I’ve had so many clients share that they are grateful that salons are open again. They are happy to finally be able to drive to a salon and get their lives moving again. Stylists are also happy to be back at the salon. It’s nice to see people again and see them work hard and witness their love for their craft.”

In this makeover segment, Redken Global Consultant Vernon François schools his client about Redken’s highly scientific approach to haircare and hair color products, which allows curls to flourish.

Like so many, Ramirez has been profoundly changed by the experiences of the past few years.  “I don’t take things for granted anymore,” he says. “I come to work with this new mindset. It has always been my goal to make sure my clients are happy and satisfied, but post-COVID I am more mindful and the first thing I say to myself when I have a client in front of me is, ‘How can I make sure she is absolutely satisfied and empowered once she gets out of my chair and walks out of the salon?’” That restored energy and gratitude that so many stylists are feeling are captured in the “Redken Diaries.”

One of the “lead roles” in the “Diaries” is played by Redken Shades EQ Gloss. “Every client that sits in my chair gets the Redken Shades EQ Gloss,” says Ramirez. “I tell them it’s what seals the perfect color.” Hair by Vernon Francois.  

One of the lead roles in the ‘Diaries’ is played by Redken Shades EQ Gloss “We are actively advertising Shades EQ Gloss services to consumers, so they are familiar with the service and are motivated to schedule an appointment at a Redken Salon,” explains Gebhart. And the artists say it was easy to bear witness to the power and effectiveness of this iconic product. “I’ve been using Shades EQ Gloss for years,” says François, “and one of the things I love about it is the incredible, healthy-looking shine it gives to the hair.  It fits with my philosophy of being kind to strands. There’s no ammonia and one of the main ingredients is from wheat amino acids. Hair has shine, movement, and versatility while keeping its character.”

Clients and potential clients will see “The Redken Diaries” anywhere they’re scrolling—including TikTok and Instagram Reels--as well as in top consumer beauty publications and websites. So get ready for a busy time in the salon, updating clients’ hair and reintroducing them to the power of professional services.

If you’re up for making the most of the momentum from this Redken media push, Ramirez, Foresto and François offer these tips for boosting clientele and reinvigorating stylists:

  1. Stock up on Shades EQ. Make sure you have all the shades you need to meet your new clients’ hair goals—especially the latest innovation, Shades EQ Bonder Inside.
  2. Refresh your service menus. Update your pricing and service names to incorporate glossing and glossing services. And the Pros recommend increasing your service charge by 20 percent for a Shades EQ Bonder Inside bonded gloss.
  3. Showcase all the things you can do with Shades EQ. Share your favorite formulas and results on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to tag your posts #ShadesEQ so Redken and your future clients can see your work.

“No other brand cares as deeply about salon professionals as we do at Redken,” notes Gebhart, “and it’s our belief that these targeted efforts will drive new and existing clients back to your salon. Join us as we help our community rebuild and reach a new level of salon success.”

Learn more about Redken’s mission to drive clients to your chair!

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