CURLS Introduces Hair Under There Collection
CURLS Introduces Hair Under There Collection

CURLS has launched a new collection of scalp and haircare products designed to protect and promote healthy hair growth while wearing a protective style. CURLS Hair Under There Collection is a full top-to-bottom hair care system for weave and wig wearers to care for their natural hair. 

According to a 2019 Mintel study, 70% of Black women had worn a weave, wig, braids, or extensions within the past six months. Recognizing the need for products curated specifically for these women, CURLS set about creating the answer. In addition to fun variety and flair, protective styles give those with textured tresses a break from the constant handling and manipulation that can cause breakage to delicate kinky, curly strands. Therefore, in order for protective styles to be truly beneficial, the hair and scalp must be properly cleansed, conditioned, and  hydrated prior to any long term installations. Enter: the CURLS Hair Under There Collection.

"Setting a healthy foundation before going into a protective style is so important," says goddess locs creator and celebrity stylist Dr. Kari Williams. "It's all about protecting, growing and restoring, and this new CURLS collection does just that."

Composed of five products, this collection is perfect for the women who love to accentuate their personal style with weaves and wigs without sacrificing the health of their hair. By focusing on both pre-install and post-takedown treatment, “Hair Under There,”ensures that your crown is thoroughly protected and replenished before and after your protective style. The affordably priced line includes the Hair Under There Detox Tea Cleanser, Strengthen Me Moisture Mask, BOMB Braid in Conditioner, Soothe & Cool Me Scalp Potion, and Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade.

Businesswoman and TV personality Angela Simmons has partnered with CURLS as a brand ambassador, and says that the line works for her and her lifestyle, as she changes out her weaves monthly. "I especially love the BOMB Braid in Conditioner," she says. "I'm tender-headed and this helps a lot!"

CURLS Hair Under There Collection

This top-to-bottom hair care system is beneficial for women wearing protective styles to prep hair prior to installation of protective styles, including wigs, weaves, braids, and extensions. It also aids in reparative maintenance after the removal of a long-term style. 

Hair Under There Detox Tea Cleanser

This herbal tea-infused, sulfate-free, purifying, and cooling shampoo rids the scalp of buildup from weeks  of  protective  styling  and  can  be  used  on  natural  hair  as  well  as a curly  weave  and/or extensions. The  detox formula pampers your scalp before braiding and  refreshes oxygen-deprived scalps with a deep cleanse after taking out your weave, wig, or extensions. 

Hair Under There Strengthen Me Moisture Mask

Condition. Moisturize. Strengthen. Protect.  This deep-conditioning moisture-infused mask is formulated with a natural protein to strengthen hair after weeks under a protective style. Apply mask to wet hair and detangle section by section. Allow to sit on hair for 15-30 minutes with heat for deep conditioning. 

Hair Under There BOMB Braid in Conditioner

This softening and hydrating pre-install treatment is used before braiding the hair in preparation for installation of a wig, weave, or extensions. It offers a supple, conditioned base for any protective style and can also be used on curly weaves and extensions. This cream is also an excellent product to use after taking down braids to soften and detangle hair before shampooing and conditioning, to prevent breakage.  

Hair Under There Soothe & Cool Me Scalp Potion

This soothing scalp balm is used to refresh, calm, reinvigorate, and hydrate irritated, dry, neglected scalps. Apply this potion directly to your scalp before and after braiding your hair or before installation of a protective style. Use after taking braids out to refresh the scalp before shampooing and conditioning. 

Hair Under There Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade

This vitamin-infused edge styling pomade thickens and protects delicate edges, preventing breakage and thinning. Use after a sew-in or glue weave and during styling. This pomade can also be used to blend natural hair with extensions, wigs, and/or weaves. Perfect pomade to create the best edges for your braided style. 

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