To help beauty professionals become more informed about money management so they make better financial decisions, Ulta Beauty Senior Director, Education and Creative, Anna Manukyan is sharing the wealth--of her own knowledge.   


Manukyan is a certified finanical educator, licensed beauty professional and the founder of the Beauty Finance Group, which was created to help beauty pros design a plan for success and a strong financial foundation through education.

"After more than two decades as an education executive in the beauty industry, I saw the immense need for accessible, simplified financial education and knew that my mission was to serve those who serve others," Manukyan says on her site. "Time and time again, I saw hard working individuals who spent their lives taking care of others, lose everything because of an unforeseen life event or health issue."

Every Friday on @modernsalon, we share a short video from Manukyan as part of our #FinanceFriday series. In these videos, she breaks down financial terms and explains their relevance.  These short nuggets of education are digestible, understandable and relatable, because she has made it her mission to "give you the power to protect your income, life, health, and wealth."  Here's the latest...



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