British M Introduces Regenall Scrub Shampoo & Energy Booster

Photo: British M

Korean salon hair brand British M introduced two new strengthening hair and scalp products: Regenall Scrub Shampoo ($26) and Regenall Energy Booster ($28). They are designed to give shiny, glowing hair (the hair equivalent of “glass skin”) and a nourished, healthy scalp.

“In the same way we use a facial scrub and cleanser to keep our face smooth, healthy, and clear, this duo provides an easy and effective solution for the hair and scalp. It also acts as an everyday preventative and maintenance product against aging, itchy scalp, humidity, and the environmental effects of climate change. The scalp and hair age and change similarly to face and body but we often take them for granted. It is just as important to care for them with as much diligence.”

— Heekyung Kim, British M CEO and founder

Environmental factors such as pollution or chemical factors like coloring, texturizing, or styling can stress and age hair and scalp long term. Styling product buildup can lead to excessive sebum excretion, formation of flakes, and eventual hair loss.

The Regenall Scrub Shampoo and Regenall Energy Booster duo are each made with a marine formula that features Dead Sea salt. It also reduces oils and sebum to help prevent scalp acne and dandruff. Special ingredients are added to protect and energize stressed hair.

The Scrub Shampoo includes a plant-based complex featuring persimmons, camellia tea leaves, and carob beans fermented in cedar barrels. The Regenall Energy Booster also contains nutrient rich sea grape from energy rich shores.

Regenall Scrub Shampoo (200g)

Dead Sea salt from Israel contains potent mineral-rich nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. The salt grains are polished to work as a natural scrub to gently exfoliate even the most sensitive scalp. They intensely combine with the specially fermented persimmons, camellia tea leaves, and carob beans. The pH5.0 reduces irritation while providing an ideal balance between scalp oils and moisture. Ingredients are KFDA-certified as a shampoo for healthier hair growth. It helps to enhance scalp health to prevent frail or shedding hair. It also comes with a detachable tip cap (in a leak proof cone lid) for precise application.

Regenall Energy Booster (50g)

Created with marine nutrients, this hair serum deeply and richly nourishes the scalp. It is refreshing, hydrating, lightweight, and non-sticky. Regenall Energy Booster is made with sea grape, raised in vibrant subtropical zones that is seawater rich in natural minerals and grown under intense sunshine. The formula also contains Centella Asiatica Extract (Gotu Kola), to help regenerate and restore a weakened scalp (long used in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions for beautiful hair). The specialized ingredients highlight a natural plant-based complex featuring persimmons, camellia leaves, and carob beans fermented in cedar barrels.

British M products are sustainable, recyclable, gender-neutral, and cruelty-free. Products are free of parabens, artificial dyes, mineral oil, sulfates, and silicon. Regenall Scrub Shampoo and Regenall Energy Booster are available at

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