The time of year when you see everyone in your chair is around the corner. Once it kicks in, you think of nothing but the salon and go on automatic from sunrise to sunset. This year, before the tsunami of work hits your salon, consider how you can minimize stress and enjoy the season with everyone else.


How Hairdressers Can Prepare for the Holidays

A frazzled salon professional is an invitation to client mistrust and dissatisfaction. Ask yourself, what do I need to be at my professional best? How can I continuously deliver a stress-free, memorable service that reassures clients they’ve made the best choice in a stylist? 

Stay chill with a few of these guidelines:

1. Stock up on products now. Last year, supplies ran low and were scarce at holiday time.

2. Review time and motion. Is there an easier, shorter, or less exhausting way to get the same result? —maybe your shampooing, highlights, or blow-dries.

3. Save up for January. Don’t blow your holiday earnings. Put some of that cash away.

4. Clear your station of any extra clutter. Clutter is stressful. Make it easy to sanitize between clients and at the end of the day when all you want is to go home.

5. Clear your calendar of any unnecessary extracurricular duties outside of the salon. Remember how tired you finish the day.

6. Simplify Christmas shopping. Give gift cards that allow someone to get what they need. This year, it might be groceries.

7. Plan your home and salon meals. It may not be glamorous to walk in with your Tupperware dish, but it does wonders for your mood and waistline.

8. Leave your Jimmy Choo shoes for the party and wear the most comfortable shoes you can get your feet into. Take breaks. Drink lots of pure water.

9. Don’t lose sight of the traditional January slump when everyone’s hair seems done. Deliver services during the holidays that lead to January follow-ups—a trim, a rinse, a

10. Finally, think how you might avoid the extra five pounds from the breakroom cookies and fruitcake. Do your best. It’s okay if you fail.

Here’s a unique personal touch: give each client you serve a personal verbal message. Something like, “Thank you for your patronage. You are a pleasure to serve. I hope you have
the best of holidays, and we will see you again next year.” Hug, if appropriate.

About the Author: Carlos Valenzuela is a salon professional and bilingual writer with a master’s in international business.  He is the author of the multi-awardwinning novella Letters to Young Carlos. Visit his work at, Modern Salon, and find him on GayTucson.

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