The Salon at Ulta Beauty welcomes stylists and clients from all walks of life with open arms. The company encourages its stylists to practice their skills and do what they love most. Ulta Beauty Design Team Member, Master Stylist, and MODERN SALON 100 Honoree Stacey-Ann Houston (@stacceyann) especially adores working with her textured hair clients, and at her Ulta location in NYC, she gets to do so to her heart’s content.

Textured hair offers so much versatility and so many amazing style options. With proper care and adequate hydration, it can be lightened, colored, straightened, grown out, braided, twisted, and so much more. One of the best parts of Houston’s job is to help her clients discover what their hair can do—and how it can make them feel. Watch her Ulta Beauty clients smile wide as she completes three looks on their textured hair.

Protective Sew In

Many clients with textured hair like to go for protective styles when heading into the colder months. These styles help protect the hair from the cold weather and damage, assisting the growth process. In this video, Houston gives her client a braided sew in with some beautiful extensions, and the client is clearly delighted with her new style.

I’m Blue

Houston’s young client wanted some blue in his ‘do, and she delivered. He'll be the coolest kid in school with his dark blue curls.

Two Strand Twist Out

“I love how happy my client was in this video,” says Houston. And she’s right; the client’s excitement is palpable when she looks at her finished twist out hairstyle in the mirror. Client satisfaction to this degree makes it all worth it!


If you’re looking for a salon where you’ll feel a sense of belonging and can make your clients this happy, The Salon at Ulta Beauty is a great option for anyone who enjoys a diverse client base in a fun and encouraging environment. With over 1,300 Ulta stores dispersed across all 50 states, you’re never too far away from a location to potentially call home.

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