Do you ever get frustrated with the weak state of your client’s hair? Would you be able to achieve the lightening results they wanted if it was just a bit stronger and healthier? You may be able to find a solution in high-quality hair vitamins and supplements. And we’re not talking about the kind that don’t give you any visible results.

Lived-in color specialist and MODERN SALON Artist Connective Member Amy Bee (@hairbyamybee) praises Viviscal Professional supplements for providing her clients’ hair with additional strength, growth and health, which in turn helps her to create a beautiful result during their appointments. See what benefits Bee’s clients experience from taking Viviscal.

Promoting Growth

Viviscal’s AminoMar complex supplement is revolutionary for promoting healthy hair growth, 100% drug-free. No matter if your client is dealing with hair loss due to health conditions, pregnancy, stress or age, the supplement can visibly improve growth and fullness in as little as three months.

Added Strength

Have you ever been worried about performing a certain service due to the compromised condition of your client’s hair? Viviscal is a great solution for adding that strength back into their strands, making it easier for you to give them the hair of their dreams.

At-Home Haircare

You can feel good about recommending Viviscal to your clients, especially knowing that when you see them next, their hair will be on the way to being fuller and healthier.

Giving your clients tips on the best products for their hair growth needs fosters their trust in you. Imagine how thrilled they’ll be when they realize their hair is growing when they thought it couldn’t!

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