How many of your clients enjoy having low-maintenance hair? Perhaps they like the grown-out ombre look, the ease of home care, or going for appointments less often. No matter their reason, they trust you to keep them looking fresh and their hair feeling healthy.

Low-maintenance colorist Alyssa Davis (@alydavishair) is a big fan of fortifying her clients’ lightener with bond maintenance treatments—specifically Paul Mitchell Professional’s Bond Rx system. She finds this bond repair system to be quick and easy to use, on top of being effective in protecting her clients’ hair integrity. See how and why Davis enjoys using Bond Rx on her low-maintenance ladies.

Preserving Length


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If the hair’s not breaking, it’s growing! This client of Davis is loving her longer locks that they have achieved with the help of Paul Mitchell’s Bond Rx. Stronger hair bonds means less of a risk of breakage during lightening, coloring and styling, after all.

Strengthening Fine Hair


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Davis especially appreciates Bond Rx for how it protects fine hair in combination with a gentle lightener. Here she shows how the treatment works to keep her client’s hair strong and breakage-free despite the finer texture.

Protecting New Growth


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This client has some new hair growth happening, and to protect those new little hairs, Davis turns to Bond Rx. She and her client feel secure in knowing that the treatment will help keep the hair sealed and provide added nourishment as it grows>

Keep in mind that Paul Mitchell Professional also offers take-home products for your clients to continue taking care of their healthy, strong hair. Put them on a bond maintenance regimen and watch them come back with longer, stronger hair to every appointment!

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