Sacha Quarles is a mentor, Emmy-nominated stylist, and director for SHE Hair Extensions.  He spent three seasons as key stylist on Sex and the City, and his list of celebrity clients, film credits and editorial mentions is long. Very long. 

But it's definitely not the first--or even second or third--thing you're going to learn from him, because Quarles is low-key about his success. What you will hear about is his passion for helping hairstylists become more financially secure. At every opportunity, he is talking about, demonstrating, and mentoring around the career transforming power of becoming a hair extension expert. 

$3,000 Dollar Day in the Salon

In this video, Quarles shares an especially impactful illustration of this, a woman  he has been mentoring who was a bit tough to convince at first---until she started to see her service tickets.

"She had taken three other extension courses, and I told her we (SHEHair Pro) were having a class near her," Quarles begins. "She said, 'oh, I've taken three other classes, I know about this extension thing."  But Quarles assured her that what he's doing is different, and she should give it a try. 

After the class, she would send Quarles images of her work for his feedback, until one day, she sent a picture of her receipts--and she was making $3,000 in one day. 

It's this kind of success that Quarles hopes to foster in every interested hairdresser. 


How he got started. (1:38)

Diversifying and becoming good at extensions. (4:03)

We weren’t creating characters, we were doing it to create hair. (6:46)

How can offering extensions help you get to the seven figure hairdresser? (8:44)

How to make a living with hair extensions –. (11:01)

How to become an expert at extensions. (12:59)

What’s the education like? (15:18)

Cutting extensions is a very different experience. It’s all about realism. (17:52)

How to get in touch with She Hair Pro. (19:49)

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