The Dynamic Pro 4200, Unlimited Pro 5000, and the Color Pro 3000 'Light' are three of Valera's...

The Dynamic Pro 4200, Unlimited Pro 5000, and the Color Pro 3000 'Light' are three of Valera's products launching in the U.S. market.

Photo: Valera

Swiss professional hair tool manufacturer Valera announced its expansion in the U.S. professional beauty market. The company's products include five patented technologies integrated into their tools including Rotocord that prevents cord tangling nand the Touch Me cool-to-touch nozzle. These features are included in three dryers launching in the U.S. — the Dynamic Pro 4200, Unlimited Pro 5000, and the Color Pro 3000 'Light'.

Valera launched in Italy with current distribution in about 80 countries. Over the last 30 years, the company has committed to its 'Swiss Cross Promise'', to produce tools by ethical and sustainable means, reducing the company’s carbon footprint, and ensuring quality control by having every dryer assembled and tested three times by hand before allowing its distribution. 

In the mid-1950s, Gustavo Soresina sprouted an idea for an electrical appliance company called Sorel in the basement of a townhouse in Milan, Italy. After producing hairdryers and other small electrical household appliances for prominent brands in Italy, Gustavo and his wife, Helga, looked to new horizons in Switzerland to expand their venture. To do this, they levied their competencies. His strengths included innovation, client relations, and a strong mindset for business, while her expertise included administration, precision, and dedication to product design and functionality.

Within the next two decades, the Soresina family landed in the small town of Ligornetto. Here, Ligo Electric would be established, and a state-of-the-art factory constructed along the quaint brooks and sweeping meadows of Switzerland.

Ligo Electric and the Soresina family would subsequently develop a new brand of products under the name we now know as Valera. It shares the name of the valley the headquarters reside. Its meaning — healthy strong, brave, and courageous — is a direct parallel to Gustavo’s story. 

Over a decade later the Ligo Electric factory was expanded, allowing for increased production and worldwide distribution. 

After 65 years in existence as a global brand, Valera has entered the U.S. market, accounting for about 25% of the global professional beauty market, and is now a key area of focus and expansion for the brand.

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