Harry Styles' New Do Causes Surges on Searches for Buzzcut
Harry Styles' New Do Causes Surges on Searches for Buzzcut

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘buzzcut’ exploded 138% worldwide in the same week that Harry Styles revealed his newly shaved head. The study comes just as the star reveals his new fragrance line. (See the result here.)

A new finding by hair salon comparison site PriceListo reveals that online searches for ‘buzzcut’ skyrocketed to over double the average volume in one week - a monumental spike in people Googling for buzzcuts, according to analysis of Google search data. Searches for 'buzzcut hair’ have also risen 158% worldwide in the last week as a result of Harry’s new look, whereas ‘Harry Styles hair’ produced a 205% increase in searches. 

The world-famous singer and actor was spotted alongside girlfriend Taylor Russell at a U2 concert in Las Vegas when he publicly debuted his new hairstyle. There had been speculation since a couple days prior when an image appearing to depict the haircut circulated online after originating on Instagram gossip account Deux Moi.  

Harry Styles' New Do Causes Surges on Searches for Buzzcut
Harry Styles' New Do Causes Surges on Searches for Buzzcut

Since then, an official photo of Harry's new look has been released as he embarks on the release of a new fragrance collection for his brand, Pleasing. The company posted the image of Harry at the fragrance's launch party to Instagram.

Harry gained notoriety for his hair early on in his career, and while it’s undergone an evolution since his One Direction days, this is his most dramatic shift yet.  

The look has sent fans into a frenzy, with one fan posting on X, “Harry Styles stick your hair back on rn.” Another fan commented, “me pretending not to care about harry styles’ hair so it grows back faster” alongside an Adele meme.

Others defended the decision, with one supporter saying “harry actually has the bone structure to pull it off like he had a perfectly shaped head.” One poster found humor in the situation, saying, "#imagine you come out of a hair transplant... "harry i'm out alive!" you scream... "who do you fink gave you the hair?" he says, smiling."

Alongside a mixed reception, the haircut has sparked conspiracy theories. Some fans speculated that Harry made the change in response to a lyric from Taylor Swift’s recently re-recorded 1989 album in which she comments on an ex’s long hair. The song “Now That We Don’t Talk” is believed to be about Harry, who she dated in 2012-2013.  

A spokesperson for PriceListo commented on the findings: “Harry has long been famed for his signature hairstyles, so it’s no surprise that such a striking transformation would be controversial. Fans are attached to his locks, and they have become a huge part of his iconic image, so this buzzcut will take some getting used to. 

“However, these findings highlight the enormous influence Harry Styles has on popular culture and style, with a single clip going viral and subsequently prompting a monumental increase in searches for buzzcuts to replicate his look. Combined with the release of his new fragrances, it is clear that Harry is keen to make his mark on the beauty industry.

"It is a testament to Harry Styles’ enduring popularity and place in fashion history that he keeps inspiring fans to emulate his style, however polarizing it may be."

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