Two recent surveys conducted by Vagaro, a leading salon and spa software, unveil the influence of the “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” and Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour” on beauty businesses.  

These surveys, which coincided with the conclusion of their respective 2023 U.S. tours, demonstrate how much Taylor Swift and Beyoncé fans are willing to spend on beauty services.  

Additionally, the results reveal trends that beauty businesses experienced as a result.  

Participants of the first, smaller-scale survey consisted of both consumer and business users on the Vagaro platform who attended one or both of the concerts.  

Nearly one-fifth of those respondents said the events were their first live concert experience since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with almost 40% of participants saying they either flew or traveled out-of-state to attend the concerts. 

33% of participating beauty business owners said they observed a significant increase in bookings during the touring periods, and an overwhelming 83% attributed this surge directly to the influence of the concerts.  

The Fascinating Impact of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Tours on Beauty Businesses
The Fascinating Impact of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Tours on Beauty Businesses

Vagaro Brand Partner, Tabatha Coffey says, “Cultural moments, like those driven by Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, are not just fleeting events. They shape consumer behavior, set trends, and present revenue opportunities. For businesses, tuning into these pivotal moments isn't merely about relevance—it's a strategic imperative for growth and customer engagement.” 

The initial survey further revealed that 27% of beauty business owners noticed a correlating spike in new customers, while 47% experienced a substantial increase in last-minute bookings during the touring periods.  

Participants of the second, larger-scale survey, conducted in partnership with OnePoll, consisted of American consumers who attended one or both concerts; 83% were women and the average age was 32. 

These respondents spent an average of $104 per service across multiple beauty services, in preparation for the events. Spend for tanning and makeup services were among the highest costs.  

The average spend per service for the concerts are as follows:  

  • Hair - $136 
  • Nails - $88 
  • Eyelashes - $83 
  • Eyebrows - $82 
  • Tanning - $111 
  • Makeup - $128 


The Fascinating Impact of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Tours on Beauty Businesses
The Fascinating Impact of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Tours on Beauty Businesses

The initial survey showed that 64% of respondents booked their beauty service appointments “a week to a few days” before the concert.  

More than half of concertgoers scheduled their beauty services online, either via website or on a booking and scheduling app like Vagaro.   

Nearly one-fifth of respondents filmed and posted “Get Ready with Me” (GRWM) content for the concerts on social media. This is a testament to the ongoing popularity of the social media trend. 

The poll also showed that 16% of Beyoncé concertgoers, and 19% of Taylor Swift concertgoers traveled between 151-200 miles to attend the event.  

“Leveraging the popularity of events like these can help business owners drive success. Being aware of such happenings allows businesses to connect with their audience, offer more customized experiences, and strategize their business plans more efficiently in preparation,” says Vagaro VP of Marketing, Charity Hudnall. 

Beauty, salon, and spa professionals can free up more of their time to strategize, plan, and focus on their customer base’s unique needs by incorporating automation into their daily routine. 

Vagaro's data sources show that businesses using salon management software as a booking system and credit card processing platform typically drive more sales and provide a better overall experience. 

Learn how a beauty business software can help consumers easily book services and professionals grow their business.  

About Vagaro: Vagaro, Inc. is the leading salon and spa software, with more than 220,000 service professionals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia using Vagaro to manage, market and grow their business. Consumers choose Vagaro to search for and book wellness services on any device. To learn more, visit 

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Originally posted on Salon Today