How often do you feel stifled creatively by your salon environment? Hopefully the answer is never, but if you do sometimes find yourself longing to do more of what you love, you’re certainly not alone. What if you want build a clientele that loves vibrant hair, but your salon doesn’t stock fashion colors? Or if you like doing edgy shag cuts, but they’re not popular with your salon’s demographic? It can be frustrating to work in a salon you just don’t vibe with.

When you do what you love, the money comes, but you have to be in a place that gives you the tools to succeed, That’s why Ulta Beauty stylists thrive, and many earn six figures. With the support of a team, all the products and tools you need to do your best work, and limitless earning potential, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Luis Fernando (@luisfernando_hair) is an Ulta Elite Stylist and a member of the award winning Ulta Design Team, and he loves the full range of work he gets to do at the chair. See some of the ways Fernando flexes his creative muscles below.

Teal Refresh


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This client loves vibrant colors and trusts Fernando to completely refresh her teal blue, making her feel just as spectacular as the first time. The colors he needs are always on hand.

Soft Shag


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As one of the most popular cuts of the past few years, especially with Gen Z-ers, Fernando keeps his young clients on trend with the latest and trendiest cutting methods.

Bright Face Frame


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This client had a specific, bright blonde look in mind, and she is thrilled with the result that Fernando gave her. The brighter face frame gave her just what she needed.

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