Your first day back in the salon after the holidays can feel like walking through the aftermath of Times Square after the ball dropped. However, the slowdown is a unique moment to revitalize yourself and your business and connect with potential clients.

Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

Use the Slowdown to Connect with Potential Clients: 

 Don't buy into the slowdown. The market is only catching its breath while looking around before its next move, much like musical chairs when the music stops. The music will start again, and everyone will make their move. Some clients will leave, others will try you out, and many are out there looking for a new stylist. Therefore, January is a great time to focus on your social media and personal outreach. Because the January calm offers fewer distractions, you have the undivided attention of those contemplating a fresh look.

New Year, New You:

The start of a new year brings the desire for self-improvement. Many clients will renew their commitment to fitness, weight loss, a new job, and a new hairstyle with a new hairdresser. Position yourself not just as a hairdresser but as the cheerleader for change and be the go-to destination for those seeking transformative changes.

Balancing Old and New: 

While attracting new clients is the life of your business, remember your existing client base. Ongoing clients who were there for you all year may wonder why bonuses are offered to strangers when they seem ignored or taken for granted. Existing clients can feel overshadowed by promotions for new customers only. Be careful. 


Strategic Client Appreciation: 

My friend and stylist, Jason Ashkenazi, sends an email around this time of year that is the best of both worlds: thanking ongoing clients and encouraging referrals with a $20 gift card. This message builds a sense of community and loyalty within the salon.

"Thank you for another wonderful year! On your next visit, please ask for your $20 gift card to refer a friend. When they redeem, you get $20 off your next visit. Click the link to book now." 

Maintaining Energy and Accessibility: 

Implementing promotions like Jason's keeps energy levels high and communicates to potential clients that you are always ready to provide top-notch service.

Reinvigorate your business through thoughtful, balanced marketing, appreciation of ongoing clients, and strategic promotions. Embrace the new year's fresh start and be the destination for transformative hair experiences. 

Carlos Valenzuela is a beauty industry professional, speaker, success coach, and the author of Magical Thinking in Hairdressing—his writings on positivity and success appear in Modern Salon and his blog,

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