There's nothing better than being able to spotlight beauty professionals who are "following their bliss."   As we celebrate 100 Years of MODERN SALON in 2024, we're highlighting hairdressers, beauty pros, and industry leaders who have taken that cosmetology education and run with it.  They leveraged their license as passports to explore a multitude of avenues within their careers, discovering a wealth of opportunities along the way.

Renee Marie has been a friend of MODERN SALON for years.  In 2018, she was chosen as one of the MODERN SALON 100,  she has been invited to participate in MODERN's Artist Session: Creator Series, and we have interviewed her and followed her as her career evolves

This latest interview offers a peek at her path and her purpose, while looking at how she knew it was time to make the leap to educating, full time. 

Outline: Renee Marie's journey from stylist to full-time educator

Renee Marie shares her journey from salon stylist to full-time educator, now coaching and mentoring future leaders in the industry.

On becoming an effective educator in the beauty industry

  • Learning the importance of structure and listening to students' needs in teaching bridal hair classes
  • Having a clear outline and adapting to students' questions improved her effectiveness as an educator
  • She continued to combine teaching bridal hair classes with seeing clients, allowing her to apply her knowledge and skills in real-world situations while continuing to learn and improve as an educator

On a career evolution from stylist to full-time educator

  • Started online courses and programs after moving to North Carolina.
  • Realized she wanted to shift to a new part of her journey, leading to a fresh start

On education and brand collaborations

  • Renee advises new educators to do what fits their lifestyle, not just follow what others are doing.
  • Highlighting the benefits of being an independent educator, including flexibility and creative control.
  • Renee Marie emphasizes the importance of finding a community and mentorship to help you grow and reach your goals.
  • She encourages listeners to believe in themselves and their unique abilities, and to surround themselves with like-minded people 



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