Sometimes, when working in a salon, you might notice that the clients are all very similar in terms of their hair. Some stylists get a bit tired of doing the same old highlights and color that they do every day. A diverse clientele is part of what keeps a stylist’s career interesting, so don’t feel bad if you get bored occasionally, but know that you have options for more stimulating work environments.

Ulta Beauty is one of those exciting options. Las Vegas-based Ulta Elite Stylist Takeyra Shipps (@hair_bytakeyra) is a wealth of knowledge about all things hair, including texture, color and extensions, and she is also a member of the award winning Ulta Beauty Design Team. Shipps loves the variety her Ulta career offers, from the clients that sit in her chair to the special projects she gets to work on all over the country.

See below for a look at Shipps’ range of work and how her Ulta career keeps her looking forward to each day.

Curly Girls

People of all hair textures rely on Ulta Beauty stylists to keep them feeling their best. This client looks happy to have a knowledgeable stylist like Shipps to take care of her beautiful curls.

Color Correct

Although Shipps doesn’t like to heavily criticize anyone else’s work, she knew that this client would look much better with a bit of a color correction to the halo highlight placement she had gotten previously. Then Shipps was able to work her color blocking magic, completing the beautiful look.

Extension Slay

Ulta Stylists have all the materials they need to give clients their dream hair – including high-quality extensions! This client’s confident smile says it all…she feels great after this amazing length and fullness transformation.

If you’re looking for a chance to elevate your career while surrounded by a supportive team, look no further than the Salons at Ulta Beauty. Chances are that with over 1,400 locations across the US, there’s one right in or near your hometown.

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