The FEKKAI FIVE (L to R): Front: Lona Vigi, Jenny Cho, and Marissa Marino; Back: Graham Nation, Frédéric Fekkai, and Marty Harper. - Photo: FEKKAI

The FEKKAI FIVE (L to R): Front: Lona Vigi, Jenny Cho, and Marissa Marino; Back: Graham Nation, Frédéric Fekkai, and Marty Harper.


FEKKAI announced the launch of its first-ever professional ambassador program: The FEKKAI FIVE Collective. This collective brings together five of the most influential hairstylists to celebrate the brand's 35th anniversary. Founded by Frédéric Fekkai in 1989, FEKKAI is known for its haircare with French flair and cult-favorite product collection. The FEKKAI FIVE campaign is a new initiative that brings together five influential and accomplished hairstylists in the industry handpicked by Frédéric himself: Jenny Cho, Marissa Marino, Lona Vigi, Graham Nation, and Marty Harper.

"The FEKKAI FIVE collaboration is a celebration of beauty in all its forms, a testament to the transformative power of hairstyling to an overall look and the confidence it portrays."

— Frédéric Fekkai, Founder

Each stylist represents their own individual mastery and brings a unique style and artistic background to the collective. Frédéric's iconic transformative vision aligns perfectly with the diverse talents of the FEKKAI FIVE stylists. 


  • Jenny Cho: Versatile stylist with exceptional creativity, keen eye for detail, and a mix of young Hollywood and classic Hollywood influence. Known for her unique, organic approach to hairstyling and cutting. Cho began her career with Vidal Sassoon in the Academy, and then as an instructor, and has blossomed into an innovative, highly regarded stylist amongst A-listers & beyond. Clients include Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, and Kristen Wiig. Cho is based in Los Angeles.
  • Marissa MarinoApproaches cutting and coloring with an understated cool, trend-setting style and effortless elegance. Known to specialize in looks that compliment her celebrity clients’ styles, on and off the red carpet. Marino began as an assistant for Ken Paves and has grown into one of the most sought-after stylists in the industry. Clients include Selena Gomez, Renee Rapp, and Ellen Pompeo. Marino is based in Los Angeles.
  • Graham NationThe 'cool girl’ hair whisperer, is the go-to for young Hollywood and up-and-coming A-listers. Known for his versatile and edgy styles, he celebrates the freedom of expression that hairstyling brings, and is known to lead haircutting and styling classes. Aveda and Ken Paves-trained, Nation has become a name that makes waves in the industry. Clients include Alix Earle, Emma Chamberlain, and Venus Williams. Nation is based in Los Angeles.
  • Lona Vigi: Known for elevated sophistication and palpable passion, she is the master of perfectly undone and textured styling. Works with high-profile Hollywood clientele and has contributed to major publications, campaigns for renowned brands and styling for film and television. Her creative career began in photography, and with her one-of-a-kind creative eye, her shift to hairstyling was natural and effortless. Clients include Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Drew Barrymore. Vigi is based in New York and Los Angeles.
  • Marty Harper: Renowned for his work on various editorial brand campaigns and multifaceted approach to styling, he is celebrated for his engaging and dynamic approach to hair creativity. His signature style features a blend of shine, structure, and textures and is always refined with notions of modernity. Clients include Halsey, Emma Chamberlain, Zendaya, and Sara Sampaio. Harper is based in New York and Los Angeles.

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