Color, baby! Yeah!

We're just wrapping up our theory and practicals on color... I love it!

We began with swatches of color on yak hair using children's paint in red, blue and yellow. We then formed all the tertiary and complementary colors from those three colors.

Swatch and Learn

It was really fun to color the swatches. However, it seems that I have no difficulty getting the color on top of the swatch-it's the underside that's difficult!!

Swatch and Learn

Once our paint was dry, we put all the colors into our color wheel, added to our swatch book that we'll be building throughout our color theory!

Then, bum bum bum!, we moved on to REAL color! Here, we colored seven swatches of different hair shades with Clairol Professional's Rosewood Brown, and seven swatches of Light Ash Brown.

Swatch and Learn

Ahh! Real color! Haha. I haven't played around with color since my high school days when I had blue hair. Yes, I was one of those girls who had Manic Panic Shocking Blue-and I loved it!

Here's the first entry in my swatch book!

Next... REAL color on REAL heads!
Stay tuned!

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