Personal Style: Tabatha Coffey

This longtime hairdresser and educator helps struggling salon owners turn around their businesses in the hit Bravo series, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. She plans to launch her own hair care line for consumers next. Here, she gives MODERN the inside scoop about her life as a stylist.

Personal Style: Tabatha Coffey


The Coolest Hair Design I Ever Wore:  My mohawk when I was 17-ish. I thought it was the coolest—not sure if anyone else did!

My Favorite Outfit: Too easy—my pajamas. Nothing better than slipping them on after a long day.

The Best Thing About My Salon Is: My staff—they rock and work so hard. I travel a lot and they really take great care of everything and everyone.

I Became a Hairdresser Because: What else is there? Since I can remember it was all about hair and fashion. The first book I remember asking for was French Vogue—I slept with it.

I Am Inspired By: Everything around me, but especially the person sitting in my chair. They always inspire me to do my best for them.

My Motto: Live with no regrets and if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.

Working with Bravo Has Been: A truly wonderful experience. I am so appreciative of the support I have been given from everyone and so proud to show how hard we as hairdressers work.

My Mentors: Vidal Sassoon, Alexandre de Paris, Bruno Patini, Garren, Anthony Mascolo, Annie Humphreys, Stephen Pratt.

Where I Shop: All over—I love small, unique boutiques. Also, Alexander McQueen and Commes de Garcon. But I also love Target! 

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