It features TURBO V12 Technology, a 450-degree adjustable heat option and best of all— three layers of BAKED ceramic plates coated with tourmaline and BLACK ONYX gemstones! (This is the first flatiron that I have seen on the market that has this feature). These naturally occurring gemstones release a high level of negative ions, which help break down water molecules, which become easily absorbed into the hair.

Another really cool aspect about this iron when I tried it out is that it features a 360-degree swivel cord! This is especially handy if you are adding a small wave to the bottom tips of the hair or if you are doing a curling technique with the flatiron. 

H2PRO Styling Tool with Black Onyx Gemstone Plates

Other features include: a PTFC heater, which kicks in via a trigger when the iron is physically passed through the hair, and it allows high temperatures to remain constant even during damp hair styling. It also features far-infrared heat ranging from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The iron also features a combination of nano-silver, nano-titanium and nano-titanium dioxide technologies, which remove chemical build-up, toxins, bacteria, static and other impurities.

This tool has floating plates that balance when passed through the hair, a no slip grip at the tip so that the tool can be closed for an extended period of time without burning the fingers; a heat resistant, thermal plastic design in iridescent black (to complement the BLACK ONYX gemstones).

The last and best feature about this iron that I found extremely useful was the damp to dry styling function. This allowed me to keep the iron at high temperatures when styling my hair while slightly wet. Sometimes it can be a hassle to dry your hair and THEN flatiron…with this iron you can style when your hair is damp, and you hair will turn out pretty straight it you let it air dry. Pretty cool!

For more information about this product visit or call 800-896-7728.

H2PRO Styling Tool with Black Onyx Gemstone Plates

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