Lauren Hagen

Artist and Exchange Facilitator


Owner, Salon Fredericks, Philadelphia

Women of Beauty: Lauren HagenFirst job in beauty: Taking down rollers and clips at age nine!

Licensed: Via apprenticeship program, mid-‘90s

Three highlights of your career:

  1. Making the early on decision to head straight to New York City to attend the illustrious Redken Exchange  i.e., the best color-design and educational environment in the country.
  2. Auditioning for American Idol. This single-feat alone solidified that I could ‘break down the levees’ by challenging and overcoming all the fears and insecurities that we all possess.  If I could stand outside a sports arena, in a city I’ve never been to before, engulfed by thousands of people from all over the country for 16 hours--all through the night, and then once inside compete with 10’s of thousands more to get a chance to do a 20 second sound- bite in front of a seven panel judge to ‘sell my talent and myself’…then maybe, just maybe, I could achieve my goals…I did!
  3. Becoming a Redken Exchange Facilitator.  From the very first day I walked through the Redken Gallerie doors on 5th Avenue, I knew at that precise moment that I was exactly, not only where I wanted to be, but more importantly, where I needed to be.  Even though everything seemed so overwhelming being teenager in New York@ the Exchange, I never quit! I just kept attending those classes over and over and over again.   Because of my regularity there, Redkens’ Tour de Force /Crème de le crème, Chris Baran, Sam Villa and Kris Sorbie, became more like family to me rather than their renowned worldwide iconic industry status.

Beauty legend you respect: That’s easy, my mom Diane.  She is a woman of great strength, courage, vision and inspiration—a woman light-years ahead her time.  She owned and operated her own salon at age 19 during the mid-60s, and has enjoyed great personal accomplishments and entrepreneurial achievements.  Thanks, mom. I love you!

Choose beauty because: Of the artistic freedom, creative expression and personal empowerment thru entrepreneurism.

Quote or mantra: Conceive it!...Believe it!…Achieve it

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