Pastel PerfectionTrends can be interpreted boldly or delicately. Sandra Carr of Sheer Professionals in Wooster, Ohio, has been double-processing this client for years. Here she applies freehand “pasteling” for a delicate hint of color.


Lightener Retouch: 2 scoops of Matrix V-Light De-Dusted Lightener with 2 oz. 20-volume Solite Cream Developer.

Toner: Color Sync Sheer Pastel, 1 oz. SPM (Sheer Pastel Mocha) and 1 oz. SPN (Sheer Pastel Neutral), mixed with 2 oz. Color Sync 9V activator

Pastel Lowlights: Pink: 1 oz. Matrix Color Sync Clear and 1/16 oz. 6RV (Red Violet) with 1 1/16 oz. of Color Sync 9V activator; Violet: 1 oz. Clear and 1/16 oz. 6V (Violet) with 1 1/16 oz. of activator


1. Apply the lightening formula to the regrowth and process for 30 minutes.

2. Shampoo, towel blot excess moisture, then apply Toner and process for 20 minutes. Shampoo, condition and dry.

3. Apply the lowlighting formulas freehand, placing color to enhance the finished style. Work away from the scalp, using a side-brush, diffusion technique to avoid defined starting lines.

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