The 5-Minute Updo: Soft and Simple BunThanks to MODERN Facebook fan Drew Noreen for sharing his "Soft and Simple 5-Minute Bun" created using all Oribe products.

Step 1. Prep hair with Dry Texturizing Spray. Use a small amount of Sculpting Créme at the base of pony for added control. Have the client lean their head back, using a flat brush to bring all of the hair to the crown. Secure with elastic band.

Step 2. Using your fingers, section the pony in half width wise and drop the lower section. Lightly tease the underside of the top half section for fullness and roll under itself towards the face. Secure with hair pin.

Step 3. Divide the remaining lower half of the pony vertically into 2 sections. Softly wrap the right section around the bun moving toward the left side. Tuck and secure ends with hair pin. Repeat the same step for the left section moving toward the right side.

Step 4. Using Superfine for control and light hold, slightly fan out the sides with your thumb and index finger, moving towards the top of the bun to connect the 3 sections together. Repeat the same process on the back of the bun, bringing the pieces towards center to hide the elastic band and connect the ends. Finish off the look with Superfine.

The 5-Minute Updo: Soft and Simple Bun