The old question is: "You are stuck on a deserted island.  You can only have one haircutting tool. Which tool would you bring?"  Most people who know me would think I would pick a clipper.  Wrong.  I cannot take my clipper because it is a deserted island and there is no place to plug it in.  The cordless clipper is not an option since I cannot recharge it once it’s dead.


The Deserted Island Challenge: #1 Haircutting Tool


My pick is my blending scissors.  A classic barber blender is the secret weapon of every great men's haircutter.  The versatility and options available with a quality bending scissors are endless and exciting.

 Proper shear-over-comb with a blender lets you take a surface down smoothly and progressively.  If you have strong shear-over-comb skills you can put out an amazing taper.  If your shear-over-comb skills are in need of more development there is no better tool than a blender to build this important skill and the confidence to deliver it.





 Strong lines and geometric shapes can be created with a good blender.  The teeth of a good blender are finer and closer than notching shears.  Grasping a section and repeatedly taking it down will produce precision lines that fall beautifully.  Some of the dry hair cutting masters like Yosh are wizards with a blending scissors, creating very impressive, classic shapes with ease.

 Layering with a barber blender is the key to smooth transitions and many classic guy looks.  No guy haircut is properly finished without the touches of a blending scissors.

 Blending with a blender?  Do I even need to explain that one?

 A world class blending scissors is a career investment that will pay off every day in the shop and can be indispensable on that deserted island.

 I guess the only question left is "Who are you going to cut?" The island is deserted.


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