HOW TO: Isla Fisher’s Faux Bob Did the Bachelorette actress take the big chop and cut off her flowing, scarlet locks? Not so fast--the look Isla Fisher wore on the red carpet recently was merely an updo, styled to create a sort of faux bob style.

So how did Isla manage to hide and tuck her lengthy hair to rock this glamorous look? Celebrity stylist Sascha Breuer has the steps for recreating this type of look for your client, whether she’s looking to get a preview of a shorter cut she’s considering or just experimenting with a new updo for a night out.

Apply some volumizing spray to the roots of towel-dried hair, then blow dry smooth using a round brush.

Once the hair is completely dry, divide into smaller sub sections (roughly 1 by 1 inch) and curl each section individually, starting from the back. "I would recommend to use a 1- or 1 1/2-inch curling iron that lets you adjust the temperature to the needs of the hair--I love Braun’s Satin Series," Breuer says.

HOW TO: Isla Fisher’s Faux Bob Work your way through in horizontal sections until all hair is curled. Apply a small drop of shine serum or a hair oil into your hands and run your fingers gently through the hair to break up the curls.

Use an anti-snap elastic to create a “tail” and place the elastic at the very end of the hair. Roll the hair under (inward) and tuck toward the nape of the neck.

Secure the tail at the bottom of the neck hairline by using strong bobby pins.

Gently pull and tease the hair towards the face, spreading the hair evenly in a horizontal direction, creating a rounded bob.

"I recommend leaving a few loose strands around the face and create some flyways and a slightly messy texture, so it has a “lived in” feeling and creates the perfect illusion of a bob," Breuer says.

Mist with a flexible hairspray to ensure that the style will last. "I really like Wella Professionals' Wellaflex, as it also adds lots of shine."

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