The Raylon Corporation presented its annual Art of Business Award to Dr. Lew Losoncy, a psychologist and industry lecturer who has dedicated his career to explaining the impact that hairdressers have on the lives of their clients.

Howard Hafetz, Raylon CEO, said, “Several awards are granted to those whose brilliance is in the fashion arena, so we felt it fitting to have an award to focus attention on the category of Good Business. This year’s honoree has been a radiant light and inspirational guide to hundreds of thousands of salon professionals across the US and Canada.”

Losoncy’s work has emphasized the psychological importance of beauty in the minds of individuals and has enhanced both the public’s impression of the role of hairdressers as well as the professional’s own sense of the value of their careers.

In 1985, Losoncy published The New Psy-Cosmetologist which formed the foundation of his work and stressed that hairdressers offer their clients, not just a salon service, but the confidence that is vital to personal happiness.

“For touching the lives of hairdressers all over the globe, Dr. Losoncy is the 2013 Art of Business honoree. Those who believe and have embraced the qualities of a psy-cosmetologist are infinitely more successful in their craft,” says Hafetz.

Losoncy travels and lectures on behalf of Matrix spreading the word on the vital role salon professionals play in the lives of their clients. Visit


Raylon Honors Losoncy

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