Look #1 from Dollhouse: A Mastery Designer Final Collection. Find out how to re-create these voluminous, bouncy curls.


Artistic Direction: Nicoletta Gauci

Hair: Sydney King

Make-up: Sydney King

Fashion Styling: Darryl Anderson

Photography: Jarrel Williams

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STEP 1: Prep hair with Paul Mitchell's Exra Body Sculpting Foam to give the hair hold and body, then use Hair Sculpting Lotion on midshaft to ends to seal ends and add memory into the hair.

STEP 2: Spray a thickening spray and texturizing sea salt spray to grit the hair. Then using a large round brush, do an extrabody blowout for volume.

STEP 3: Take 1-inch thick horizontal sections and spray on a heat thermal protectant. Then use a 3/4 clipless curling wand and horizontally curl each section. Each section should be curled in alternating directions.

STEP 4: Set each section with Paul Mitchell's Super Clean Extra.

STEP 5: Finish the look by webbing out each individual curl starting at the bottom and working up the head. Finish with a flexible hair spray.

HOW-TO: Dollhouse Hair/Voluminous and Bouncy Curls

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