Pastel Platinum: A Violet-Infused Formula Using CHI ColorWhether punching up a red, or turning a platinum into a pastel, it seems violet additives continue to be a huge trend in color for the upcoming season. CHI Color Artist Andrew Voya was inspired by the CHI Color palette when he created "The Edge." Bold, expressive colors showcase what CHI Color can achieve, and cuts with strong lines that are textured for softness and movement.

The Artist
Andrew Voya
CHI Color Artist

Natural Level: 6 light brown
Pre-lightener: 1 part CHI Blondest Blonde with 1 part CHI Color Generator
Formula 1: Equal parts CHI Color 9I (Iridescent) with 10-volume CHI Generator
Formula 2: 1 part 9I (Iridescent) + 2 parts Violet additive with 3 parts 10-volume CHI Generator
Formula 3: Mix 1 part 9I (Iridescent) to 1 part Violet additive to 2 parts 10-volume CHI Generator

Step 1: Use the pre-lightener in a virgin application. Process until hair has lifted to Level 9. Rinse, shampoo, seal and dry. Avoid roughing-up the scalp or hair during any of this process.
Step 2: Apply Formula 1 to sides, nape and crown sections; cover with foil to separate sections.
Step 3: Apply Formula 2 to parietal ridge and upper crown area, working from base to ends to create a darker focal point. Cover with foil. Then apply Formula 2 to the base to create depth.
Step 4: Apply Formula 3 from mid-shaft to ends, smudging over previous color to create a seamless color-fade effect from darker base to lighter ends. Process for 30 minutes, rinse, shampoo and seal.


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